BCA and its Scope

Today, the world is ruled by technology, and In fact, it has become hard to survive without it. Due to the boom in the IT industry, there is a massive demand for computer experts and it is the key reason for which students are going for courses pertaining to computer applications.

In short, there is a high demand emerged for courses like BCA in the past few years. Although there are ample courses available in the computer domain but there are a number of positives housed in the BCA course.

BCA and its Scope

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is three years graduation course that offers basic and advanced knowledge of computers. This course is perfect for those who want to build their career in the IT industry. This blog highlights the information about BCA and its scope. If you want to gather information about it then read this blog till the end. 

What is BCA/What is BCA and its Scope?

BCA is abbreviated as Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is three years under graduation course in the field of computers and their applications. This course gives insight into the world of computers. BCA is considered an alternative to engineering degrees like B.Tech and BE in computer science.

Within a span of three years, the BCA course prepares students to build a lucrative career in the flourishing IT industry. The course equips students with knowledge of different computer applications like web designing, hardware engineering, software engineering, and more.

While pursuing this course, students will be able to learn about how to solve a problem that occurs from a computer and its applications. Some of the subjects included in the BCA course are operating systems, programming in Java, computer networks, computer graphics and animation, database management system, and programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc.

The BCA course also includes various specializations which can be selected by students as per their interests. Choosing a BCA specialization will help students to gain expertise in a particular field. Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, data analytics, database management, internet technologies, music, and video processing, are some of the top specializations of the BCA course. 

BCA and its Scope

BCA Career Scope/ BCA and its Scope

BCA is one of the professional under graduation courses that can provide a lucrative career right after its completion. In today’s world of technology, there are plethoras of career opportunities available for BCA degree holders. The BCA course provides a sound base for a career in the IT field. These graduates can find employment in private as well as public sectors. Below discussed are some of the career opportunities after BCA. 

Web Developer- These professionals are responsible for creating and managing websites with the help of coding. They play a vital role in an organization. A web developer can work full-time or they can either work as a freelancer for various short-term projects. These professionals should have a good knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, C++, and more. 

Data Scientist- Data scientists are professionals who gather huge amounts of data by using statistical, analytical, and programmable skills. They are responsible for using data to provide solutions to meet the needs of the organization. 

Software Engineer- Software engineers are professionals who are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining computer software at an organization. For the past few decades, software engineering has become one of the rewarding career options for BCA graduates. 

Network Engineer- These professionals are responsible for developing and maintaining the day-to-day operations of the computer networks of an organization. The computer network typically includes LAN- Local Area Network, intranet, extranet, and WAN-Wide Area Network. 

System Analyst- These professionals are responsible for improving and maintaining the computer system of an organization.

Cyber Security Expert- Cyber security experts are responsible for providing protection to the overall IT system of an organization. They have to design strategies and defensive systems for protecting the IT system against cyber attacks and threats. These professionals are in great demand and are also provided with high salaries. 

BCA graduates can also build their careers in the government sector. Nowadays, every government organization uses computers and software for which they need BCA graduates. Some of the major government organizations where BCA graduates can find employment are named below: 


Courses to pursue after BCA

Apart from doing jobs, BCA graduates can also opt for higher education. There are abundant courses that can be pursued after BCA. Pursuing higher education can help BCA graduate in getting a better job and high-salary packages. Below mentioned are some of the courses which can be pursued after BCA. 

MCA (Master of Computer Application) 

MCA is one of the most popular courses among BCA graduates. This course will help students in upgrading their knowledge of computer applications and software development. MCA is a two years master’s degree course that is designed to impart the study of the latest programming languages, software development trends, and tools for examining complex computer applications. 

MBA (Master of Business Administration) 

MBA is another sought-after course for BCA graduates. This course is best for those who want to build their career in the corporate world or wants to start their own business. MBA is a two years post-graduation course that teaches the concept of business and management. 

We hope this blog has helped you to gather information about BCA and its scope.

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