Top College in Meerut


Bachelor of Computer Applications, BCA is a popular three-year UG course that deals with the study of computers and their applications. It is one of the most sought-after UG programs that unlock doors to multiple career opportunities right after its completion. Students keen to learn about computers and want to dive right into the world of computers and technology should pursue this program.

Choosing a course that matches your career expectations is a daunting decision. In the presence of a variety of courses, students get puzzled to choose one. In today’s era of high competition, students need to choose a course that can offer numerous career opportunities to help them thrive in their desired field. 

Placements are one of the intrinsic factors of a college that provide students a gateway to begin their careers right after their bachelor’s degree. College placements are a necessary element that bridges the gap between education and industry. It also facilitates students to connect and interact with industrial experts and become familiar with the recruitment processes of various organizations.