What is Data Analyst Average Salary after BCA?

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. It is one of the favoured bachelor’s degree courses among 12th-pass students. This course is most suitable for students who want to build their career in the world of computers. The duration of the BCA course is mainly three years and it is divided into six semesters.

This course mainly focuses on fields associated with computer applications and technology. While pursuing this course will learn subjects like computer fundamentals, networking, C++, data structure, etc. The BCA course aims at preparing students for a career in the computer science and technology domain. 

The BCA course has a wide career scope. Graduates with this degree can work in both private as well as government sectors. Web developer, network administrator, computer programmer, data analyst, and web designer, are some of the job profiles for BCA degree holders.

All these job profiles can provide handsome salaries. In this blog, we are going to discuss data analysts’ average salary after BCA. But first, let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of data analysts. 

What is a Data Analyst? 

Data analysis is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world. The salaries of a data analyst are high compared to other software-related professions. Data Analyst has to translate numbers, figures, and statistics into simple English which can be understood by anyone.

These professionals are experts and have a high interest in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Some of the roles and responsibilities of a data analyst include gathering, storing, and interpreting data for transforming it into valuable business insights.  Below mentioned are some of the roles and responsibilities of a data analyst. 

Data Analyst Average Salary
Data Analyst Average Salary

Collecting Data– Data analysts have to collect data by conducting surveys, purchasing datasets from data collection specialists, and tracking visitors on the website of a company. 

Cleaning Data– The raw data collected may contain errors, duplicity, or outliers. By cleaning data, data analyst maintains its quality in a spreadsheet or through a programming language. 

Model Data– It includes designing and creating the structures of the database. Data Analyst might select what kind of data to be stored and collected, find how data categories are related to each other, and check how the data actually appears. 

Interpreting Data– It includes finding patterns and trends in data 

Presenting– Presenting the results of the findings. Data analysts will need to put together visualizations such as graphs and charts, write reports, and present information. 

Candidates can also opt for specialization for pursuing a career as a data analyst. These professionals can find employment in multiple sectors including healthcare, finance, insurance, etc. Below mentioned are some of the specializations of data analysts along with their salaries. 

Financial Analyst

Their role is to analyze the past and present financial data of an organization and estimate future revenue and expenditure. These professionals mainly work in consulting firms, banks, mutual funds, and corporate for generating effective investment strategies and support overall financial growth. 

Average Salary- INR 5Lakhs 

Healthcare Analyst

These professionals are responsible for evaluating medical data for improving the medical parts of hospitals and healthcare facilities. They have to prepare status reports, assess data from various sources, and create record-keeping processes. 

Average Salary- INR 4.67Lakhs 

Social Media Data Analyst

These professionals assess the success of social media campaigns by analyzing the metrics of all posts as well as the campaign as a whole. They also have to suggest changes to the campaign according to the response of followers. 

Average Salary- 3.30Lakhs 

Data Analyst Average Salary
System Analyst

These professionals are responsible for maintaining and improving the computer system of an organization. Nowadays, there is a great demand for these professionals. System Analyst is also required to work outside the standard hours for looking after the upgrades and fixes. 

Average Salary- 6.60Lakhs 

Insurance Underwriting Analyst

Insurance Underwriting Analyst is responsible for evaluating the risks involved in issuing insurance policies. They have to analyze the new business applications for determining risk factors and accordingly, they price insurance policies.  

Average Salary- 5.20Lakhs 

Database Engineers

Their roles and responsibilities include designing and maintaining the database, increasing the capacity of the database, and troubleshooting issues related to data functionality. 

Average Salary- 6.00Lakhs 

For becoming a successful data analyst one should possess certain soft and technical skills. Below named are some of the skills which a data analyst requires to excel in this profession. 

Data Analyst Average Salary in India depends upon various factors such as knowledge, skills, experience, and more. Some of the top recruiters for data analyst are Accenture, Wipro, IBM, Capgemini, and Cognizant.  It is one of the highest-paid professions among the other software-based tech professions. Below mentioned are the salaries of data analysts in India on the basis of skills. Do Check Reasons to Choose BBA

After pursuing the BCA course graduates can start their profession as data analysts with good salaries. We hope this blog (Data Analyst Average Salary after BCA) has helped you to find facts and information about Data Analyst Average Salary after BCA.

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