Diwali Fest 2023 : “With lights and gleam, this Diwali DDUMC enjoyed the divine glory and peace.”

Diwali Celebration

All the students and staff gracefully participated in the event to make it memorable. The holy act to display the significance of the festival with various cultural activities made the event endless fun.

Let’s explore the highlights of the DDUMC’s Diwali Fest 2023

Diwali Fest 2023 at DDUMC- Mesmerizing Celebration of Lights, Community, and Ethnicity

Being a family to all our staff and students, DDUMC loves to celebrate all the happiness together. On November 10, 2023, DDUMC organized a mesmerizing event to celebrate Diwali with all its staff and students. The campus was groomed with amazing lights and décor and had an aroma of joy and happiness in the air.

Our students enthusiastically took part in various activities to showcase their skills and talent. Various competitions were also organized to give the students a chance to display their creativity and skills. The nail art competition, chandelier making, mandala art competition, dancing completion, singing competition, instrumental competition, and rangoli competition are some of the competitions held at the event.

Diwali Fest 2023

Above all, the Ramayana act performance was the true charm of the event. In this act, students represented the holy act of Ramayana to highlight its significance in the Diwali festive. The delicious food, fun activities, and melodious performance of DDUMCians rock band add sparkle to the festive event.

At last, we would like to add that our students are like shining stars they made our joy to its peak with their wonderful performances.

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