Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application

It is a three years bachelor’s degree course that offers students a fundamental and advanced understanding of computer applications and information technology. It is one of the best courses which can be pursued after class 12th as it opens the gates of opportunities and also provides the students with the freedom to choose their preferred specialization.

While pursuing this course, students learn about various computer applications and how to deal with the difficulties which may emerge while using a computer. BCA has become one of the most sought-after courses offered in India as well as abroad.

Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC
Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC

This course is highly suitable for students who are looking ahead to pursue a career in the IT sector. In this course, students will study subjects like database management systems, software engineering, operating systems, web technology, and computer languages like Java C, C++, HTML, etc. The BCA course also includes various specializations which can be chosen by the students according to their preference. Some of the BCA specializations are named below:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Internet Technologies
  • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Network Systems
  • Systems Analysis
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  • IT Technologies
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Programming Languages (C++/Java)

BCA is also considered one of the career-oriented courses offered in India. This course is offered at various universities or colleges in India as well as abroad. Choosing the right university/college to pursue the BCA course will facilitate the students in achieving a blooming career.

The BCA graduates can easily seek a high-paying job right after completing their graduation. There are ample reasons to pursue the BCA course. Students can get skills in a few aspects which can assist them in seeking an in-demand job. A BCA graduate can also get several benefits that a B.Tech graduate gets, despite the fact that the BCA course duration is only three years compared to the B.Tech course with duration of four years.

While pursuing this course students can be skilled in programs such as Python, C++, Java, CSS, Linux, etc. After completing the BCA course students can build their careers in the IT sector which is one of the biggest industries in the globe with career opportunities everywhere. When talking about the Importance of Doing BCA, the course provides its students numerous benefits as it is one of the fastest tickets towards a global career in the IT sector. BCA is also considered one of the most versatile degrees available nowadays.

In spite of the ample benefits of BCA, it is also essential for students to choose an excellent college/university for pursuing it. As BCA is one of the popular under-graduation courses, it is offered at ample colleges/universities in India as well as abroad.

Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC

When talking about BCA colleges in India, DDUMC is the best college to pursue BCA. DDUMC is one of the renowned colleges located in the city of Meerut. Several career-oriented courses are available at the college and BCA is one of its flagship courses. There are ample benefits of pursuing a BCA at DDUMC. Some of these are discussed below:

Excellent Curriculum of the Course

DDUMC offers a highly updated and modernized BCA course. The curriculum of the course is designed with the aim to impart both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. This course equips the students with the fundamental concepts of computer science and programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, R, Java, etc. 

Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities

The education imparted at DDUMC is not only limited to classrooms. Students are also provided with industrial exposure which makes them familiar with the working environment of industries and also adds to their professional skills.

Time-to-time workshops, guest lectures, and industrial tours are conducted at the college for providing in-depth knowledge regarding the latest technology. Several other activities are also conducted at the college for the holistic development of the college.

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Internship Opportunities

DUUMC also offers its students with internship opportunities at various renowned organizations.  Some of the companies also provide paid internships to BCA students. The internships help the students to groom themselves professionally, build job skills, and easily get indulge in the workforce after completing their education.

Lucrative Jobs

Placements are one of the biggest benefits of pursuing a BCA at DDUMC. Since its foundation, the college has maintained an excellent placement record. After receiving a BCA degree at DDUMC, one can be among the top well-paid freshers in the industry.

Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC
Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC

Many well-known recruiters from all over the nation visit the campus for the placement drives. Some of the top-notch recruiters at DDUMC are Concentrix, Aerolith, Convergys, BT, SoftSages, Wipro, Amazon, IBM, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, TCI Express, etc. High remunerations are also provided to the graduates by these recruiters.

Affordable Fee Structure

DDUMC offers its BCA course at a reasonable fee structure. Students can also pay their fees in installments.


Scholarship facilities are also available at DDUMC. Many meritorious students are provided with scholarship facilities. The scholarship offered at the college is a kind of appreciation to them. It is also a reason which attracts students from faraway places.

Proper Guidance and Assistance

Along with the curriculum of the course, students are also provided with proper guidance and assistance throughout the academic year. The guidance and assistance provided to the students help them to grow and flourish in their chosen field of career.

It transforms them into excellent professionals who are demanded by organizations in India as well as abroad.

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Government Employment Opportunities

Apart from private jobs and college placements, BCA graduates at DDUMC can also opt for a government job. The quality of education and guidance offered to them at the college facilitates them in seeking a high-paying job in the government sector. Some of the government organizations that recruit BCA graduates are Indian Railway, Military Engineering Services, Public sector banks, etc.

Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC
Benefits of Pursuing BCA at DDUMC
Different Specializations Available

DDUMC offers toe specializations of the BCA course namely cyber security and artificial intelligence which helps the students in seeking complete knowledge in a specific field. After choosing a specialization students can easily pursue their career in a specific field in which they are specialized.

The above-discussed reasons clearly state the ample benefits of pursuing BCA at DDUMC. This college is best for students who are looking for holistic development along with a degree.

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