Helpful tips for newcomers who starting their 1st year at college

Starting a college journey is a great task. At this point, students are stepping into the big leagues of education. Although College offers an adventure-filled journey it is also not easy as adjusting in the first few months of college can be difficult for many.

Before joining any college or university, students should consider certain parameters such as quality of education, placements, infrastructure, fee structure, and more. Choosing a college on the basis of these parameters will be fruitful for the students. Now, below mentioned are some helpful tips for newcomers who starting their first year at college.

Should not Miss fresher’s orientation and similar events

Every fresher should attend their orientation and similar events as it will help them learn how everything works on your campus such as extracurricular, benefits, rules and regulations, academics, etc.

Explore Your Campus

Students should walk around their campus and enjoy the sights. They will also meet people while doing so.

Every person you meet in the college will have something to offer you

In college, students meet hundreds of people who are also new to them such as classmates, professors, advisors, recruiters, staff at the campus, etc. Naturally, students will not be friends with everyone but they should recommend making a network with as many people as possible.

Students should take an active part in organizations and clubs which match their interests

Several colleges or universities also host different organizations or clubs for making the experience of students enriching and also to enhance their skills and abilities. Students can also consider joining one or more clubs or organizations as per their interest as it provides a great opportunity for students to pursue their passion, improve their skills, helps in learning new things, and also in meeting people having common interests.

Reach out to Career Services

Many universities/colleges also provide career services centers that assist students in exploring career paths that are suitable to them. Students should interact with career counselors at their college for gaining advice and answers to questions related to careers.

Don’t Miss your Classes

In College, every class is paid for so students might as well go to all of them. Students should avoid skipping classes unless there is something very important. Attending regular classes keeps the students up to date with their curriculum and also with activities conducted for their benefit.

Make getting good grades a top priority

From the begging of their course, students should make getting good grades the top priority as grades or academic performance matters to employers and postgraduate schools.

Go through your syllabus

Students should make known their topics which will tell them what to expect and will also help them in understanding the lectures better.

Participate actively in class

Students should listen to the lectures attentively, make notes, ask their queries, and answer the question asked. Doing all this will not only help them to earn the professor’s favor and extra credits but will also help in retaining information and understand the material better.

Helpful tips for newcomers who starting their 1st year at college
Take Notes

Students should find a good method or strategy for making notes. Although borrowing notes from classmates is not a bad idea but one should not just rely on others all the time. Students should also have their own notes which they can customize and understand easily.

Carry your laptop everywhere

Students should carry their laptops everywhere as it can be easy to make notes on a laptop rather than on pen and paper.

Form or Join a Study Group

Students should try to form or join a study group as working with fellow students can help the students in increasing their productivity, fill up the gap in their notes, and also help them to procrastinate less.

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Get involved on campus

Students should try meeting people that can help them get ahead. While doing this, the experience gain and the professional relationship built by the students helps them to secure future letters of recommendation. 

Try to get scholarships

 Scholarships are financial assistance that is granted to students on the basis of certain parameters. Colleges/universities offer different kinds of scholarships to their students. At the very beginning, students should know the types of scholarships available at their college and the criteria on the basis of which these scholarships can be attended.

Students should try fulfilling the eligibility criteria for achieving the scholarships award as the scholarships really facilitate in bearing the education-related expenses.

Avoid Plagiarizing

Students should avoid plagiarizing and they should learn how to write on their own which is one of the core skills they can develop at college. Students should always avoid copying and pasting words from different sources. They should develop their own writing routine.

Also, take good care of your health

Along with an extreme focus on studies and holistic development, students should also look after their health as taking good care of one’s health becomes even more essential when starting a brand new chapter at university/college. In college, students will likely feel a temptation to consume unhealthy food, cool low-cost meals, and lack physical exercise due to the shortage of time. However, students should try eating enough fruits and veggies, drinking sufficient water, take proper sleep, and exercising often. 

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Maintain a balance between studies and social life

During college life, students will also need good time management. Along with their studies, students should do things they enjoy and they should find the right balance between studying and socializing.

Learn tricks to save money

Nowadays, there are ample ways by which students can save money. Students can get used books, sell their textbooks, they can also do some freelance work side by side, and make use of students’ discounts and coupons.

Helpful tips for newcomers who starting their Ist year at college
Try to remove Distractions

Distractions are one of the biggest culprits for failure in new students. Students should avoid or make less use of social media, smartphones, television, or people talking in the background as it makes them lose their focus. Specifically, students should remove these distractions at the time of the study.

All the above-written are some helpful tips for newcomers who starting their first year at college will not only help the students to thrive in college but also in their future careers as well. Students should enjoy all their college work as it will lead to a successful career.

Although students are enrolled in a college for creating a better future, it doesn’t mean that they should lock themselves and study all the time. Students should also enjoy themselves as it will go to be the best time of their lives.

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