What Jobs Can I Get After BCA?

What Jobs Can I Get After BCA?BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application Course is one of the most in-demand courses that is pursued by technology-inclined students. This course has been the first choice of students who wish to build their careers in the computer and technical world. The Bachelor of Computer Applications programme has gained popularity these years as compared to another technical courses.

This program is among the most chosen programmes in the field of technology and computer. Due to its scope and industry-oriented aspects, now students are enrolling on this programme for building their careers in the field of technology. If you are a BCA course aspirant and are getting confused about what to do after the BCA programme or what jobs can you get after BCA, this blog is the right place for you.

8 Best Career Scopes After Pursuing BCA

This blog (What Jobs Can I Get After BCA?) will help you acquaint yourself with the key options that you will have after completing your graduation in computer application courses like BCA.

Bachelor of Computer Application Is one most popular courses offered in the field of Computer Science. The course is completed in the span of 3 years with 6 semesters. The best part is that candidates have a range of specialisation options in which they want to grow.

BCA or Specialized BCA programme is available with a plethora of domains or specializations, aspirants can choose any of them as per their choices and interests.

Basically, the course is available in the specialization like It Technologies, Music & Video Processing, Network Systems, Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis, Internet Technologies, Computer Graphics, Programming languages, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. You can choose any of the above or other specializations for building your career in the field to wish to see yourself.

Now comes the question that BCA aspirants want to know, which is what Jobs can I get after BCA?

Although knowing that there is a range of career options after completing a BCA programme in India, students eagerly seek what are the options. To help such students, in this blog (What Jobs Can I Get After BCA?), we are sharing knowledge about those career options that can be opted for by BCA graduates.

This blog will be helpful for candidates who seek to work after getting a degree in Computer Applications. Let us first understand a brief about the BCA programme in India

Course BCA
Full formBachelor of Computer Applications
Semesters6 semesters
SpecializationsMusic & Video Processing, Network Systems, Database Management Systems, Systems Analysis, Internet Technologies, Computer Graphics, Programming languages, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence etc.
Top hiring companiesGoogle, Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, HCL, Deloitte etc.
Average SalaryINR 3 to 4 LPA

What Jobs Can I Get After BCA?

Now let’s explore the top 10 Career Options After BCA

Below provided are the options that can be opted for by BCA graduates to enter in the job sector

Data Scientist

After getting a degree in the BCA programme, starting your career as a Data Scientist is a fruitful option that can change your life and can build you in the world in the IT sector. Due to the rich popularity of the IT sectors, the demand for Data scientist is skyrocketed.

Now the scenario is that BCA graduates are highly in demand for playing their role as Data Scientists. As per our research, the basic salary that can be offered to BCA graduates for the job role of Data Scientist is INR 11 LPA and it can go higher than we think. So, if you are thinking of pursuing a BCA programme you can get this highly desired job.

Technical Analyst

Technical Analyst is another popular and desired job that students wish to do after getting their degrees in Computer Applications. Technical Analysts are mainly called the communicators of the company but they also need to be good in technology and related areas for analysing the technical information and aligning the business strategies. An experienced Technical Analyst can get an average salary of up to INR 7.5 LPA to INR 14 LPA.

Digital Marketers

This is another popular career option that can be chosen by BCA graduates. With the growing and flourishing field of Digital, the demand for Digital Marketers has been increasing over the years. Now this field is considered a desirable field for everyone.

Today we all know how powerful is the digital world and how the business can get growth with the help of digitalization. To handle a business digitally and to promote the business through the digital world, industries required Digital Marketers.

That is the main reason for the high demand for digital marketers. After completing BCA, the students will have those skills that are required in the industry and they can build their careers in Digital Marketing.

Software Developer

After getting a BCA degree, a Software developer is the most desirable and most chosen career option among students. Most of the students opt for this option to start their career in the IT sector.

Due to the emerging IT sector, companies need various kinds of software and for this, they require software developers in huge numbers. So, with the growth of the IT sector, the demand for software developers is increasing day to day and it won’t stop, just will increase for years.

Cyber Security Expert

This is another popular and desirable career option among BCA graduates. The course is among the most sought-after jobs for many BCA graduates, with its amazing job role related to networking, application and maintaining data security using sophisticated and stylish software and many tools. The main role of this kind of expert is to handle the security of important data of the particular company.

Other most popular career options after completing a degree in Computer Applications

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Educator
  • Banking Sector
  • Upgrade skills by going for further studies (MCA, MBA etc.)
  • E-commerce Executive
  • Software Developer Trainee
  • Data Analyst
  • Programmer
  • System Administrator

Selecting your career after graduating can be a tedious task. But you must think first about your interest and knowledge and choose the field in which you will love or wish to work. With this blog, we tried to deliver the best options that will open for you on the path of a flourishing career.

We hope this blog (What Jobs Can I Get After BCA?) will be helpful to you in getting knowledge regarding career options after completing the BCA programme. For more related blogs on higher education and career choices keep visiting www.ddumc.in.

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