What Are The Subjects in BCA Programme?

BCA is abbreviated as Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA is a three years bachelor’s degree course that provides knowledge in the field of computer application and software. It is one of the most sought-after computer courses opted by the students after completing class 12th. This course will impart students with the foundation and advanced knowledge of computer applications. It also teaches how to solve different problems and issues related to the computer and its applications.

There are numerous benefits of pursuing a BCA degree in today’s era. This degree can provide you with a lucrative job right after your graduation. By pursuing a BCA degree, a student can earn several benefits that a B.Tech graduate gets.

The BCA graduates can work in an industry that provides largest job opportunities. The demand for the BCA graduates is increasing now a day due to the increasing demand for skillful experts in the IT industry. Different specializations are also available in the BCA course which can be pursued by the students according to their choice. Some of the BCA specializations are named below:

  • Computer Graphics
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet Technologies
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IT Technologies
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Programming Languages (C++/Java)
  • Network Systems
  • Systems Analysis

The three years duration of the BCA course is divided into six semesters. Different subjects are taught to the students in this duration. The subjects of BCA course include lectures, classroom learning, project work, lab session, seminar, classroom presentation, group assignments, and interaction with industry experts. In this course, equal emphasis is provided to both theory and practical.

Subjects in BCA Programme

In the final year of the BCA course, students will also need to submit a project report. Along with the computer knowledge, value is also given to communication skills, social awareness, and professionalism. Introduction to Programming using C, Programming in Java, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics & Animation, etc. are some of the core subjects taught in the BCA course. Below stated are some of the subjects in BCA Programme course.

Statistics for BCA- In this subject, students learn different methods of statisticsand it also prepares the students for learning future courses having quantitative components.

Operating Systems- It helps in acquiring the fundamental knowledge of the operating system components and also helps in knowing different operations performed by operating systems.

Digital Computer Fundamentals- This subject introduces concepts regarding the functioning of a computer. In this subject, students will learn the use of Boolean algebra for performing calculations in several number systems.

Data Structures- It helps the students in understanding the need for data structure when building an application. Students are also taught the method of calculating and measuring the efficiency of a code.

Database Management Systems– It helps the students in learning the concept of data base and developing skills for designing and implementing data base applications.

Graph Theory and Linear Programming– It aims at introducing several terminologies of Graph theory and formulation of Linear Programming problems and solving them with simplex and graphical methods.

Programming in Java- This subject helps the students in acquiring skills in using java programming language and developing application programs of small to medium size.

Computer Networks– It helps the students in understanding different components of computer network and its functionality.

Computer Graphics and Animation– In this subject, students learn to create objects through add effect using light and material, 3d modeling, and creating animated framework.

Computer Architecture– This subjects introduces the components of computer hardware and how it has evolved for meeting the demands of multi-processing systems.

Embedded Systems– It focuses on the different concepts of embedded systems and RTOS.

Multimedia Applications– In this subject students learn the use of latest image editing tools and animation tools for creating and editing images and animations.

Object-oriented Programming using C++– This subjects helps in understanding the principles behind the object-oriented programming process and its usage in the development of small to medium size application programs.

Subjects in BCA Programme

Subjects in BCA Programme

Below mentioned is the overview of the subjects in BCA Programme which you will study across the six semesters of the BCA program.

Semester 1

  • Creative English
  • Statistics I for BCA
  • Foundational Mathematics
  • Hardware Lab (CIA Only)
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals
  • PC Software Lab
  • C Programming Lab
  • Introduction to Programming Using C

Semester 2

  • Communicative English
  • Operating Systems
  • Visual Programming Lab
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Basic Discrete Mathematics
  • Case Tools Lab (CIA Only)
  • Data Structures

Semester 3

  • Introductory Algebra
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Financial Accounting
  • Software Engineering
  • Object Oriented Programming Using C++
  • Database Management Systems
  • C++ Lab
  • Domain Lab (Cia Only)
  • Oracle Lab

Semester 4

  • Professional English
  • Programming in Java
  • Computer Networks
  • Financial Management
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Language Lab(CIA Only)
  • Web Technology Lab
  • DBMS Project Lab

Semester 5

  • Unix Programming
  • Business Intelligence
  • Unix Lab
  • OOAD Using UML
  • Graphics and Animation
  • User Interface Design
  • Python Programming
  • Web Designing Project
  • Business Intelligence Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Graphics and Animation Lab

Semester 6

  • Client-Server Computing
  • Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Database Management System
  • Introduction To Soft Computing
  • Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
  • Multimedia Applications
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