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BCA is one of the popular under-graduation courses that most technology-inclined students pursue. This course is best for those who want to learn about computers, programming, web development, and graphics design. Pursuing a BCA degree can help in achieving a grooming career in the rapidly growing IT industry. BCA course provides a plethora of career opportunities to its students not only in India but also abroad.

There are numerous benefits to pursuing the BCA course. Every year thousands of students get enrolled in this course. Most students who are looking to pursue the BCA course eagerly want to know about its benefits and future scope. This short article contains information about the benefits and future scope of the BCA course. To gather all this information read this blog till the end. 

Here is a short introduction to the BCA Course (BCA after 12th)

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is a three years bachelor’s degree course offered in the IT discipline. This course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge that are required to make a career in the IT industry.

The BCA course mainly focuses on computer basics and software applications. It aims at providing the learners with a strong foundation in computer science and information technology.

The curriculum of this course includes subjects like data structure, algorithms, database management, web development, networking, etc. The BCA course also has varieties of specializations that students can choose according to their interests. Below named are some popular specializations of the BCA course. 

The specialization chosen by students will determine their area of work. The BCA course imparts both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Students are provided with complete industrial exposure which makes them job ready. 

Career options after BCA

Reasons to pursue the BCA course 

BCA is one of the most favored courses among 12th-pass students. For decades, this course has had an edge over other bachelor’s degree courses. A BCA degree can help in getting a lucrative job in the IT industry right after its completion. This course has exceptional value in the job market. Below discussed are some of the benefits of pursuing a BCA degree. 

Enables to work in multiple sectors 

The BCA course prepares its learners to work in multiple sectors. Graduates with BCA degrees are not bounded to work in a particular sector. Nowadays, these graduates are demanded in different sectors like healthcare, transportation, IT, trading, finance, education, and software. 

Global Career Opportunities 

BCA graduates have the potential for global career opportunities. In this era of digitalization, various national and international organizations recruit employees with expertise in computers. 

Multiple Specializations Available 

There are multiple specializations in the BCA course. Students can choose a BCA specialization according to their interests and future plans. 

Requires less Investment 

Due to the rapid growth of the IT industry, most of the courses in this domain are quite expensive. BCA is one of the less expensive courses in the IT field. The fee structure of the BCA course is quite comfortable compare to other engineering and computer science courses. 

Great Scope for Higher Education 

After completing the BCA course, students can also opt for higher education. There are various courses that can be pursued after BCA. MCA or Master of Computer Application is one of the most popular courses which can be pursued after BCA. The MCA course can provide students with more specialized skills and knowledge.

BCA and its Scope

Career Options after BCA 

The scope for BCA graduates is quite broad in the present job market. Below mentioned are some job roles that BCA graduates can explore. 

Data Analyst 

It is one of the most sought-after career options for BCA graduates. Data Analyst is recruited at IT organizations in India as well as abroad for managing and analyzing data. These professionals are in great demand nowadays. For becoming a successful data analyst one should be proficient in Excel, python, and other programming languages. 

Software Developer 

These professionals play a crucial role in creating, analyzing, organizing, and managing the software system. For performing their job, these professionals use their superior analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Database Engineer 

These professionals are responsible for building and administrating the database. For working as a database engineer, candidates should have a strong understanding of SQL and analysis. The job of a database engineer is extremely technical. 

Cyber Security Experts 

Cyber security experts are in charge of the digital security of a business. They are responsible for protecting a company from online threats. These professionals have to search for vulnerabilities in software, hardware, and data system, and design strategies for protecting them against threats and attacks. 

Apart from the aforementioned, BCA graduates can also opt for other job profiles like IT Analyst, IT Consultant, Mobile App Developer, etc. As BCA is a highly career-oriented course, students should consider pursuing it from a renowned college. There are ample colleges/universities in India which offer the BCA course.

Pt. DDUMC (IIMT Mall Road) is a gem among the various BCA colleges in India. The college shares a key location in the city of Meerut. For years, the college is dedicated to imparting high-quality education in the field of management and computer application. BCA is one of the popular courses available at Pt.DDUMC.  BCA students at Pt.DDUMC are offered excellent career opportunities. 

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