List of Jobs After BBA

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most picked programs in India, this course now becomes more popular these days. Especially if you pursue this program with the most demanding specialization like Digital Marketing and HR, you will find many options that are able to bring you towards your dream.

A degree in Bachelor of Business Administration matters a lot and is a good deal for those who wish to see themselves in the world of corporate. BBA is a basically 3-year full-time program which is now available in various specializations.

If we talk about years ago, the course was just available in general specialization and the students hadn’t any options for choosing specialization as per their interests. But now this scenario has been changed completely, you have the option of choosing courses as per your interests and choices. In this blog, we are moving to discuss mainly the opportunities that you will have after completing the BBA program.

Do you really want to know whether BBA Program is still a job-intensive program or not? Do you really puzzle to choose the BBA program as your core program? Do you want to know, that what career options you will have after completing BBA Program?

Well, this blog will take you to the future after the BBA program and will provide you with the answers to the questions you are seeking before joining the Bachelor Program in Business Administration. This blog will also help you in knowing the future scope of a BBA program in India, in two the public and private sectors.

The Blog designed on List of Jobs After BBA would also give you a thorough list of the popular opportunities and jobs after BBA. These opportunities are available in different sectors, industries and domains, including marketing, finance, banking, HR and more. Let’s remove the barriers to knowing the best opportunities after getting a bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

BBA Scope in India | List of Jobs After BBA

If you are thinking to complete the BBA Program after completing the 12th, you must be thinking right. The range of BBA degrees is always growing as the career options. BBA degree holders are in high demand and this demand is increasing day by day.

The employment doors for BBA Graduates are open in almost all fields like banking, corporate, private, government, finance, and many more. The below-published are some of the spaces in which BBA graduates can make their careers:

  • Banking, Finance & Accounting 
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Operation
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Trade & commerce (export & import)
  • Business Communication
  • Tourism Management
  • Health Care Management
Jobs After BBA

List of Jobs After BBA/ Jobs after Bachelor of Business Administration

Our Country India has a booming economy with many start-ups that are coming to light day-by-day by the country. The Course BBA/ Bachelor of Business Administration has now become the first choice of aspirants, especially for those who wish to make careers in the corporate sector.

This 3-year full-time program trains the learners in the various business aspects and prepares them for the business world ready. BBA Program offers a plethora of Jobs opportunities for job-seekers. In this article, we will discuss those Job opportunities.

After completing the BBA Program, candidates can get employment in various sectors like Human Resource Management, Banking, Finance, Research Assistant, Information Technology, Sales, Insurance, Consultancy etc. BBA Graduates can get positions like ales Executive, Human Resource Executive, Research Assistant, Financial Executive, Marketing Executive etc. Tabulated below are some of the Job profiles after a Bachelor of Business Administration:

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List of Jobs After BBA

Top ProfileAverage Salary
Marketing Executive3.90 LPA
Market Research Analyst3 LPA
Brand Manager10 LPA
Advertising manager17 LPA
Financial Manager4 LPA
Tax Assistant5 LPA
Loan Officer2.55 LPA
Public Relation Manager6 LPA
Trainee HR Manager3.50 LPA
Business Advisor11.55 LPA
Human Resources Officer3.90 LPA
Sales Executive3.30 LPA
Assistant Manager6 LPA
Financial Assistant4.30 LPA
Accounts Manager6 LPA
Executive Assistant3.6 LPA
Business Development Executive3.13 LPA
Credit Analyst17 LPA
Trainee HR Management3.13 LPA
Procurement Manager11 LPA
Purchase Executive3.20 LPA
Information System Manager4.8 LPA
Customer Service Executive3 LPA
Sales Associate3.5 LPA
Business Continuity Planner3.1 LPA
List of Jobs After BBA

Now let’s move to discuss in detail some of the top and popular job profiles after a Bachelor of Business Administration/ List of Jobs after BBA:

List of Jobs After BBA

Operation Analyst

An operation Analyst job is one of the popular job profiles for BBA graduates. Operation Analysts are the persons who connect the customer with the business and their main function is to help them fulfil all their requirements. The basic work of an Operation Analyst involves research and helps the company in making decisions.


This is another popular job profile for BBA graduates. Accountants are the persons who prepare and maintain financial reports of companies. As an accountant, you can work for multiple companies. As an accountant, you will be responsible to prepare tax returns and ensure all the taxes are paid on time. Apart from this, you will have various responsibilities like salary preparation and must keep an eye on various financial activities of the business.

Digital Marketing Manager

This is not the new job profile but nowadays the demand for digital marketing managers is increasing day by day. As a Digital Marketing Manager, you will have various important responsibilities from writing to website maintenance, you have to handle all the websites of the business. A DM or Digital Marketer is basically known as in charge of planning and managing marketing campaigns of the company. The main role of these people is to promote a company’s brand, products, and services. They ensure the successful running of digital networks, channels, and campaigns of the business that give the right outcomes to the company.

Sales Executive

Sales Executive is a popular profession among BBA Graduates. This is the professional who sets annual sales targets for a company and leads the team toward achieving the goals with the assistance of the Sales manager of that company. A Sales Executive can be a sales manager after getting some years of experience in the sales field.

Probationary Officers

Amongst the candidates who are pursuing a BBA program some of them want to make careers in the banking sector, for those who wish to see themselves in the banking sector, this position can be a perfect one. A Probationary Officer popularly known as the PO is a name of the position which is available in both the Private and Government sectors.

The main function of a Bank PO is to handle customer complaints and other customer-related issues, along with this a Bank PO can also be employed with other managerial work such as managing cash flows, supervising, managing loans, mortgages, finance etc.

Assistant Manager

An Assistant Manager position is among the top job profiles for BBA graduates. An Assistant Manager is one who basically manages the day-to-day affairs of the company and keeps the business running with the assistance of the Senior Manager. Their duties and responsibilities may also include employee management and customer satisfaction as well.

In this blog, we have tried to deliver factual information about the top and popular job profiles (List of Jobs After BBA) after the BBA program. Hope this article will help you in getting the info you are seeking, for more related info about the UG Courses like BBA, BCA and others keep visiting

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