The story behind 108-foot human chain shadow of Lord Ram | An Attempt to Limca Book of Records

In addition to academic excellence, DDUMC also has its name in the globally admired records and this January has witnessed a unique attempt that has caught the eyes of the entire nation on us, providing a remarkable start to this year that will not get off our hearts and minds for years.

On January 18, a cluster of 450 DDUMcians unite to form a 108-foot human chain figure of Lord Ram to honor the auspicious inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Let’s check out the highlights of the memorable event.

Famously known as IIMT Mall Road, DDUMC is a remarkable institution that aims to prepare future leaders who can contribute to the welfare of our society and nation as a whole. To foster a sense of creativity, ethnicity, and self-esteem, the college always strives to come up with new ideas and challenges that can develop the students holistically and also set a record that can be admired globally.

On Thursday, January 18, a cluster of 450 DDUMCians came together to attempt a record by forming a 108-foot human chain figure of Lord Ram with complete zeal and enthusiasm. The students passionately participated in the event to make it a big success.

All students were dressed in saffron T-shirts and were groomed with dedication, excitement, and cheerfulness to form the devotional figure of Lord Ram that can make a global record and register the college’s name in the Limca Book of Records.

In addition to the formation of a human chain figure, DDUMCains also performed a holy act of Bharat Milap to create a sense of devotion among the people. Students also presented a devotional performance dedicated to Lord Rama that was melodious too. Do Check A Memorable Day of PM’s Birthday

As we believe, our students are just like shining stars; they make us proud with their dedication and admirable performance each time.

Lastly, we would like to conclude that this new attempt has given a new charm to the college and has highlighted the name of DDUMC in the entire nation. Our dedicated students also leave no stone unturned to make us proud with their remarkable performances.

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