Career In Aviation Industry

Making a career in the aviation industry is a dream for many. It is an ever-growing industry that can provide innumerable career opportunities with lucrative salaries. The courses in the field of aviation are growing popular owing to the good salary packages, dynamic work environment, and higher growth prospects. There are a number of courses available for starting a career in the aviation industry.

If you are looking ahead to making a career in the aviation industry after BBA then BBA aviation is the right option for you. This course will help you to gain a fruitful career in the aviation industry. It is one of the most sought-after degrees in the business domain. This degree will prepare you for facing challenges in the field of aviation.

Career in Aviation Industry

What is BBA Aviation?

BBA Aviation- Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation

It is a bachelor’s degree course with duration of mainly three to four years. This course deals with training the students in different aspects of the aviation industry including airport safety and security, running operations, airport planning, passenger forecasting, aerodrome works, etc.  BBA Aviation is designed with the aim to equip students with a solid foundation in management and administration.

It also allows them to refine business, managerial, and leadership skills and qualities in the field of aviation management. Some of the subjects included in this course are Introduction to Aviation Industry, Enrichment course, Business Mathematics, Business Accounting, Business Computing, Marketing Management, Airport Functions of Airlines, Cargo Handling, Aviation Marketing, Airport Customer Services, etc.

Career in Aviation Industry

Career In Aviation Industry

Below mentioned are some career opportunities which can be achieved in the aviation industry after earning a BBA in Aviation degree.

Airline Contracting Manager

Contract managers work in different industries and they negotiate any kind of contract between the business and the client. The airline contracting managers specifically negotiate contracts for the airline industry.

Airport Operations Manager

These professionals are responsible for managing and resolving complex incidents at the airport. They have to develop compliance standards and direct new initiatives for the airport. Airport Operations Managers are responsible for implementing SOPS- Standard Operating Procedures for crisis management and managing the new airport service offering.

They lead the team members by nurturing the essential capabilities of team members for achieving their potential. These professionals are also responsible for the maintenance of airport security, logistics, and airport emergency procedures.

Career In Aviation Industry

Assistant Airport Manager

These professionals have to help the managers in carrying out administrative responsibilities. Assistant Airport Manager sometimes referred to as the deputy director of aviation. Some of their duties and responsibilities include purchasing, maintaining, and staffing airport vehicles and equipment.

They also have to assist the senior managers or directors in negotiating lease agreements with developed budgets, and airport tenants, and monitoring airport operations. These professionals usually rely on computers, fax machines, telephones, and other tools for doing their job.

Aerodrome Officer

The job of these professionals is mainly related to safety which includes reporting hazardous situations, facilitating repairs, inspecting airports, etc. Aerodrome officers are also responsible for assisting in the terminal security of the airport.

The tasks which are to be performed by Aerodrome Officer include Supervising the movement of air traffic at the aerodrome, Assisting visiting aircraft and passengers, and Coordinating the work of all staff engaged at the airport.

Cargo Manager

These professionals are responsible for coordinating and supervising various activities during securing, staging, loading, and unloading of aircraft baggage or cargo. Some of the responsibilities of the cargo manager include- coordinating and monitoring the technical performance, safety, and cost of the contract, finding solutions to the program problems, and directing the work of managers and other employees. They are also responsible for ensuring that all projects are completed within time and budget.

Career in Aviation Industry

Cabin Crew

These professionals are also known as air hostesses, flight stewards, or flight attendants. They have to look after the safety and welfare of the passengers and secondly for their comfort. The cabin crew members are considered the face of the airline.

They have to look after customer service and they always have to remain friendly enthusiastic, and approachable with a good sense of presentation. The cabin crew members should be flexible for working any day of the year as their role can be physically demanding.

Store and Purchase Manager

These professionals have to handle the procurement activities of the airport. Some of their roles and responsibilities include maintaining good relationships with suppliers, developing purchase strategies, and looking after the purchase throughout their daily activities. For becoming a store and purchase manager, one has to learn how to manage and optimize the purchase process and related activities.

Airport Operations Manager

These professionals are responsible for managing all the daily activities of an airport. They have to ensure that the airport functions as planned. Airport Operations Manager also has to ensure that all the necessary operations comply with dedicated regulations and policies. They have to coordinate with different teams and departments in the airport such as emergency crew, pilots, security personnel, etc.

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The above discussed are some of the well-known job opportunities in the aviation industry which can be gained after BBA. So if you are puzzled by the question how does the BBA Course Can Help You to Make Your Career in Aviation Industry? Then this blog (Career In Aviation Industry) will be highly beneficial for you. 

Career In Aviation Industry

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