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BCA Data Analytics

DATA analytics professionals are the persons who find application across a range of areas, like taking care of complex business issues, expanding efficiencies in medical centres and hospitals, and recreating sporting challenges. In this article, we will discuss the all facts about data analytics and will suggest how you can make a successful career in Data Analytics.      

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make a decision about information. Data analytics is a broad term that encompasses and includes many types of data. Numerous techniques and processes of data analytics have been automatic into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human consumption.

It is a discipline which focused on extracting insights from data. Data Analytics comprises the processes, tools and techniques of data management and analysis, including the collection, and storage of data. The main aim of data analytics is to apply technologies and statistical analysis to data to find trends and solve problems. Data analytics has become increasingly significant and important in various enterprises as a means for analyzing and shaping the process of business and improving decision-making and business results.     

What are the types of Data Analytics?

Analytics breaks down mainly into four types: a) descriptive analytics, which attempts to describe what has transpired at a particular point in time b) diagnostic analytics is used to assess why something has happened c) predictive analytics that uses in determines the likelihood of something happening in the future and d) prescriptive analytics that provides recommended actions to take to achieve a desired outcome for a business.  

More specifically the types of data analytics are as follows: 

Descriptive analytics uses the historical and current data of the particular business or from multiple sources to describe the present state, or a specified past state, by identifying trends and patterns of the data. In business analytics, this is the purview of business intelligence (BI).         

Diagnostic analytics uses data (often generated through descriptive analytics) to discover the factors or the reasons for past performance.    

Predictive analytics: This type of data analytics applies the techniques such as forecasting, statistical modelling, and machine learning to the output of descriptive and diagnostic analytics to make predictions about future outcomes. Predictive analytics is often considered as a type of “advanced analytics,” and frequently or mostly depends on machine learning and/or deep learning.      

Prescriptive analytics is also a type of advanced analytics which involves the application of testing and other techniques to recommend or to give specific solutions that will deliver desired outcomes. In business, predictive analytics uses machine learning, business rules, and algorithms.    

BCA Data Analytics

What are the methods and techniques for Data Analytics?

Data analysts use a large number of techniques and methods for analyzing the data. But we have classified here the seven of the most popular techniques and methods of data analytics:

Monte Carlo simulation: Monte Carlo simulations are basically used to model the probability of various outcomes in a process that cannot easily be predicted or forecasted due to the intervention of random variables, it mostly used for risk analysis.

Cluster analysis: Cluster analysis is like a class of techniques which are mostly used to classify the objects or cases into relative groups called clusters.” It can be used to expose or reveal structures in data: for instance – Insurance firms mostly use cluster analysis to investigate the condition of why certain locations are associated with specific insurance claims.

Factor analysis: Factor analysis is a statistical method that is used for taking a massive data set and reducing it to a smaller or to more manageable one. Factor analysis has added benefits of often uncovering hidden patterns. In a business setting, it is often used to explore many things like customer loyalty.

Time series analysis: Time series analysis is often simplified as “a statistical technique that deals with time-series data, or trend analysis. Time series means that data is in a series of particular periods or intervals.” This series of analyzing the data can be used to identify trends and cycles over time, e.g., weekly sales numbers. Time series analysis is frequently used for economic and sales forecasting. 

Regression or Lapse analysis: This is a set of statistical processes that is mainly used to estimate the relationships between variables to determine how changes done to one or more variables might affect another. For example, how might social media spending affect sales?

Cohort analysis: Cohort analysis is mostly used to break a dataset or set of data down into groups that share common characteristics, or cohorts, for analysis. Cohort Analysis is often used to understand customer segments.  

Sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis is one of the most used techniques of data analytics uses as natural language processing, computational linguistics, text analysis, and so on, to understand the feelings expressed in the data.  

While the previously defined six methods seek to analyze quantitative data (data that can be measured), but sentiment analysis seeks to understand and classify qualitative data by organizing this into themes. Sentiment analysis is often used to understand how customers or clients feel about a brand, product, or service.    

DATA Analytics Course

Data Analytics course is a most sought-after course by students these days. It basically used to find applications across a range of areas, such as it taking care of complex business issues, it uses for expanding efficiencies in hospitals and medical centres, and also for recreating sporting challenges.

The coursework of data analytics includes components like computer simulation, optimization, decision analysis, statistics, data mining and visualization, predictive modelling, applied probabilistic modelling, applications in finance, artificial intelligence, marketing, supply chain, information systems and economics using these tools.   

The basic eligibility criterion to pursue this course is a 10+2 or equivalent qualification in any stream with a minimum score of 50% in aggregate.

BCA in Data Analytics

BCA in Data Analytics is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course in computer applications. This program is designed for the education seekers to give a combination of technical and managerial coursework that will be needed for dealing with future challenges in the technology and data-driven global environment.

Students can work in various job sectors just after completing a BCA Data Analytics course such as Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, and many more. The average salary after completing this course can range between INR 4,00,000 to INR 10,00,000. Some of the top recruiters who are in search of BCA Data Analytics professionals are Amazon, Accenture, IBM, Flipkart, Wipro and more.   

BCA Data Analytics Course Highlights  

Full nameBachelor of Computer Application
Duration3 years  
Eligibility12th pass in any stream
Examination typeSemester-based  
Number of semesters6 semester  
Admission ProcessMerit-based or Entrance Based   
Jobs profiles after BCASoftware Developer, System Administrators, Programmer, Data Scientist, Software Developer, System Administrators,  Health Care Analyst, Programmer, Technical Analyst, Tech support, Big Data Analyst, Predictive Modeller, Quantitative Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Statistician, Technical Team Leader, Quantitative Analyst, and other   
Top Recruiting CompaniesHCL, HP, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Capgemini, Flipkart, Tech Mahindra, Amazon and others  
Average Salary PackageINR 2-10 lakh
Average Course FeeINR 60000- 2 lakh
BCA SubjectsData Structures, Operating Systems, Database Management, Hardware Lab, User Interface Design Financial Management, UNIX Programming, etc.  
BCA recruiting areasColleges and Universities, Academics Institutes, Top MNCs, Finance Companies, Marketing Companies, Product Development, Sales, Operations, Supply Chain Management, E-learning portals and many more

About the Course (BCA data Analytics)

BCA Data analytics course focused primarily on providing seekers with relevant knowledge and education of the various areas of Computer and Software Applications alongside Data Science courses.  

The main purpose of this study (Data Analytics) is to maintain a strong balance between data science and computer applications and to close the gap between these two fields.

Currently, only a few colleges offer BCA Data Analytics and BCA Computer Science courses. This is one of the most sought-after courses that will prepare you to work in the field of data science. BCA Data analytics graduates have the opportunity to study various topics such as Machine Learning, Database Management systems, Mathematics and Opportunities, Big Data Analysis, and so on. 

BCA Data Analytics
BCA Data Analytics

BCA Data Analytics: A Part of Computer Science

BCA comes and known as part of Computer Science, it consists of knowing how computers are used to solve problems for individuals, small to large industries, and organizations. BCA Course is designed to link with the demand for qualified professionals in the IT (Information Technology) sector.

It is a 3-year full-time undergraduate program that is completed in 6 semesters. Mostly there is not any definite specialization for the BCA course but in this digital era, most of colleges or universities offer the program in the latest heads or subjects like cyber security and data analytics. The course BCA is considered as part of Btech or B.E. in Computer Science or Information Technology.

This UG degree course helps students in making their careers in the computer world. Every year around 5-10 lakh students enrol for this course with the sole reason to get of diving into the most trending computer world. The course BCA includes operating systems, database management systems, software engineering, cyber security, Data Analytics, web technology, and the languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, etc. The minimum and most important eligibility to apply for this course are that you must have 50 per cent marks in your Class 12 or equivalent examination.    

The most important point that is called the key attraction to the students is that there are no subject level restrictions for pursuing the BCA program, as students with any subject in Class 11 and 12 are eligible to apply for BCA, unlike the B.Tech. course in which you must pursue 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

The top recruiting companies are called as the key attractions for this computer application course as the BCA graduates are in high demand by the top national or international companies. The requirement for computer application specialists or computer professionals is increasing day by day, this is the course that can help you in getting a future secure and lucrative job just after completing your 12th, so, you shouldn’t wait to get enrol for the program.     

Eligibility for BCA Data Analytics

To apply for this most sought-after course, candidates must meet the minimum eligibility criteria to get enrolled on the college of their choice.

The eligibility criteria for BCA Data Analytics are mentioned below:

  • Students must qualify their 10+2 from a recognized board with a least 50% marks in aggregate.
  • Students must qualify 10+2 having mathematics as a main subject and computer as an optional subject.
  • Candidates must not have any holdups or backlogs at any previous education level.

Also, to get enrolled into the top colleges or universities candidates must clear the entrance exams conducted at the University or Nation level.

Skills required to pursue the BCA program

  • Strong programming knowledge
  • Strong communication skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Strong database concepts
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Sound knowledge of Computers and IT
  • Ability to develop applications for practical aspects

BCA Syllabus

Semester 1

  • Hardware Lab (CIA Only)
  • Creative English
  • Statistics I For BCA
  • C Programming Lab
  • Foundational Mathematics
  • Introduction To Programming Using C
  • PC Software Lab
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals

Semester 2

  • Data Structures
  • Visual Programming Lab
  • Basic Discrete Mathematics
  • Case Tools Lab (CIA Only)
  • Communicative English
  • Data Structures Lab
  • Operating Systems

Semester 3

  • Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Algebra
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
  • Database Management Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • C++ Lab
  • Oracle Lab
  • Domain Lab (Cia Only)

Semester 4

  • Java Programming Lab
  • Financial Management
  • Professional English
  • DBMS Project Lab
  • Computer Networks
  • Programming In Java
  • Language Lab(CIA Only)
  • DBMS Project Lab

Semester 5

  • Unix Programming
  • Graphics And Animation
  • User Interface Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • OOAD Using UML
  • Python Programming
  • Unix Lab
  • Web Designing Project
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Business Intelligence Lab
  • Graphics And Animation Lab

Semester 6

  • Design and Analysis Of Algorithms
  • Computer Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Client-Server Computing
  • Introduction to Soft Computing
  • Advanced Database Management System

BCA Data Analytics in Meerut/ BCA in Meerut/ BCA in Meerut Cantt.

Meerut city is now known as a hub of educational institutions if we talk about 20 years back it was a challenge to find the best college to get enrol students mostly chose the colleges of different locations but the city changed completely. There is a range of Colleges and Universities situated in this region and providing a world-class education to the students over the years.

The city is in Delhi NCR and just situated at a distance of 60km from the capital city of the country. If you are also seeking this high-valued program in your city or in Meerut or you are from a nearby place, in this article, we will discuss the best college to pursue the BCA program.

There are numerous colleges or universities that offer the BCA program with Data analytics but as you are looking for the best of the best college to pursue your desired computer application course in your region you must go for the Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College.

Pt. Deen Upadhyay Management College famously known as IIMT Mall Road can be the right choice for you. Well, there are numerous colleges to get enrol but, you must choose a college that can help you in achieving your goals. IIMT Mall Road is the best BCA College in Meerut. Over the years, the institute provides the best and finest knowledge to its students and helps them in achieving their goals.

The faith and achievement of the students of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, Meerut makes the college as one of the best colleges in Meerut. If you are also confused to choose the best college in Meerut city and searching for BCA in Meerut, IIMT Mall Road can be the right choice for you.   

BCA Data Analytics

What are the BCA Program Outcomes?    

BCA Data Analytics: Through this program, you will have the ability to comprehend and understand the theory of Digital Design and Computer Organization to provide insight into how the basic computer components are specified.

BCA program gives the ability to understand the main functions of various hardware components and their building blocks. 

Bachelor of Computer Application program gives the ability students to understand how the different applications work and the ability to create them.  

You will have a depth understanding of the realization of different combinational/sequential circuits. 

An in-depth understanding of the different stages of instruction execution, you will have after completing this program.

It provides the students with an ability to understand computer input/output peripherals and to enhance not only a comprehensive understanding of the theory but its application too in a diverse field.

The ability to design a computing system to encounter all the desired needs within realistic constraints such as safety, security, and applicability in multidisciplinary teams with a positive attitude. 

You will have the ability to communicate efficiently or effectively.  

In order to enhance the programming skills of the young computer experts, the program has introduced the concept of project development in each language and technology as well that they learned during your course. 

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application program prepares the young IT professional for a range of computer applications, organization, and techniques of Computer Networking, Web Development, Software Engineering, Database management, and Advanced Java. 

You will be learned in depth understanding of how different hardware components works and relates in coordination.  

Where to do the BCA program?

The selection of a college for a dream program is undoubtedly not an easy task to do by any student it is pretty much the same as selecting a mobile phone with limited money and with all the required features, from a range of companies. Although, it is a multifaceted process, in which you have to start with a wide range of colleges and then need to narrow down it to 4-5 colleges.

In this article, we will discuss the stepwise steps guidance by which you can choose the best college for your desired program. Read the full article to know more about the BCA program and to know the steps on how you can choose the best college for your desired program.   

Follow the below-delivered steps and you will be capable to choose a college for your desired program and will get the ability to narrow down the colleges to make the final decision. 

Make a sheet of the best colleges you prefer most to get enrol  

The first step is very important to study before choosing a college for any educational program, in this, you will need to prepare a list of colleges or universities in which you are interested to pursue a course or are fit for your plan.    

Graduation rate

Graduation rate of the colleges shows the number of students of the college passed, before choosing a college for your desired program you should check the graduation rate of the college. You can check the graduation rate that by using the below-mentioned points.  

  • Check the percentage of the students in the college who have completed the program in which you want to pursue.
  • Check the top scores of the students
  • Check the general percentage of the students who passed in the last year

By studying or analyzing these factors a learner will be able to understand the performance graph of the candidates.

Must check the quality of the department   

Before confirming or choosing a college for your dream program, you should check the ranks of the institute. It is also as important as checking the graduation rate of the college. You should study how does the college rank in the major that you want to pursue? Because all the colleges or universities are stronger in some of the areas but they might not be in every field or in every department, you must check the quality and ranking of those departments in which you wish to enroll. 


This is another important point to be checked before to go with a particular college. You must check the fee structure of the institute, it is truly an essential step to be taken while you are doing efforts to get enrol in the best college. You should filter your list of preferred colleges and universities on the basis of their fee structure and your affordability by which you will reach the final stage of the finalization of a college for your dream program.  

It is necessary because when you will join a college or an institution, the expenses won’t be ended just after the payment of the course fee only. You have to pay a couple of money for the day-to-day expenses such as travelling, accommodation, food, and weekend expenses, so, it is importantto take these expenses into your thought while you’re admission process. 

Basically, the average fee of the BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) program is INR 50000-200000 annually, but if a college has a high fee structure like this and you are not able to afford such college we suggest you to skip these colleges and should move to the next one that has reasonable fee structure because there is a range of colleges that offer BCA program in a reasonable amount and offer the great facilities with it like Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College.

We suggest you always go for an affordable option like IIMT Mall Road which has a reasonable fee structure for the students and the Scholarships are also provided here. 

Focus on extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities

Before applying to a college for your dream program BCA, aspirants must check the facilities provided by the college. When you join the college, you will give a few important years of your life to a certain college and we all aware that only academics shouldn’t be the sole point to focus on, candidates must also find another talent in themself.

For this, it is important to focus on Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities too. Although we appreciate the academic side should be unquestionably given priority but the students must have the opportunities to discover their artistic side and different talent too. So, it is advisable to check the details of the institutes do they provide some co-curricular activities or extra-curricular activities such as exhibitions, fest competitions, sports activities, etc.  

Placement Record

All the aspirants apply for a course or want to pursue the best course from the best college with the sole reason or aim is to get placed or making a notable career. 

It is a very important task to check the previous placements record of the university or the college to which you want to apply for your desired course.  

BCA Data Analytics

Before finalizing to any college you should check the placement record of the college in detail and must check the collaborations and top recruiters of the particular colleges. Job placements are very important and have always been essential for recommending students to a college. Even though it is true that the primary aim of studying any course for a student is securing a great job for your future.

Students pursue a program by giving a few important years of their lives only for the jobs and to learn how to lead the industry and if they get admitted to a college which has no recruiters or doesn’t offer good placement they will criticize the college for the rest of life.

So it is important to find a college which has good placement records and collaborations. If a college has no recruiters and doesn’t provide a good placement record, we suggest you skip it and should choose a better one it’s the question of your life. Most of the colleges have a placement cell which aims to prepare the students of the college for their interviews, and efforts to improve and train them for the large corporate world.        

Location and Infrastructure 

Location matters a lot either a student or a faculty, before applying to any college or institutes it is essential to check the location and the area of a particular college is suitable for you or not. If it is suitable for you we suggest you find another one. This is undoubtedly true that a college is much more than a classroom and a playground.

From the library to a laboratory, playgrounds to the canteen, everything matters a lot when the aspirants are looking for the best college or university all these facilities matter a lot without a doubt. So, it is important while shortlisting a college to check whether the college has appropriate facilities and infrastructure that supports all the needs and must be situated at a location that is easily accessible to you.    

BCA Admission 2023/ BCA Data Analytics Admission 2023

BCA admissions in India are done based on the entrance exams, national-level entrance exams or on the basis of Merit. In this article, we will discuss the process for admission to the BCA program. Read the full article to know the right admission process for the BCA program.

Among the top IT courses in India, the BCA program has its own position. Thousands of students have dreams and desire to pursue this IT course and these desires of the students are the reason make this course one of the most sought-after courses in India and the result is the demand for admission to the BCA program is increasing day by day. Every year, thousands of students get enrol on this towards to achieve their life goals. 

BCA course has now become the most sought-after course for students because hundreds of IT and software companies prefer BCA graduates for various positions. Some universities and colleges conduct their own entrance exam to select students for BCA admissions in India.

Separately from the entrance exam-based admission, some colleges offer direct admission to students in the BCA program. There are numerous institutions in the country that offer admission direct admission to the BCA program. Students will be enrolled on their dream course just on the basis of their scores in the 12th. 

In this article, we will discuss the complete admission process for the candidates who are aspiring for admission to the BCA course. We will also discuss the details of BCA admissions such as eligibility criteria, entrance exam requirements, application form, direct admission rules, etc.  

BCA Admission Process 2023/ BCA Data Analytics Admission Process

Direct Admission

For direct admission to the BCA program, there are various colleges or Universities that offer direct admission to your desired program. Moreover, you can choose any of those colleges to get enrol in your desired program. For merit-based or direct admission, you will be selected on the basis of your marks or score in 10+2 or class 10 and class 12.

And the plus point is you don’t need a high percentage to get admission to a dream program i.e. BCA. Most of the institutes offer admission to the BCA program at an average percentage in class 12 i.e. 50% only.    

Entrance based admission

BCA admission is done on the basis of entrance exams in various top institutions in the country. The entrance exam can be a state-level exam or a national-level exam but most of the colleges conduct their own entrance exam for selecting the candidates for the BCA program. By entrance-based admission, aspirants are shortlisted on the basis of their scores in the entrance exams and performance in other rounds of admission.   

The final selection of the aspirants for their desired course is done after the counselling, GD round and personal interview.

The fee structure of general seats (through the entrance exam) is mainly lesser than management quota admission. If you are in search of admission to the BCA program or Bachelor of Computer Application to the general seats you should check out the entrance exams for admission to a particular college.  

BCA 2023 Admission Eligibility/ BCA Data Analytics Admission Eligibility

BCA admission Eligibility Criteria 2022 is mentioned below:

  • For applying to the BCA program each student has to complete their 12 standards with a minimum percentile between 45%-50%.  
  • For the reserved category, there is a provision for a relaxation of 5% marks. Aside from this, the students need to have mathematics as a subject in class 10th and English as a subject in Class 12th, in order to qualify for BCA admission.
  • A few private universities or colleges that conduct entrance exams for the students opting for the BCA course mostly have their own eligibility criteria.    
How to Apply for BCA?

If you are preparing to apply to a BCA course or BCA program, it is mandatory to fill in the BCA Application Form. 

Applying for BCA Admission 2022 or Bachelor of Computer Application course you will need to take the below steps. Below are some of the steps to be followed:

Step 1: Registration

This is the first step in order to get enroll to your desired course i.e. BCA, for this, you need to visit the official website of the college/university/institute and register yourself by providing your personal information such as your Name, Number, and Email Id alike.  

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form

In the second step post your registration, you will have to fill out the application form by entering your personal and academic details. 

Step 3: Upload Documents

In the next step, once you will fill in the application form, you will be asked to upload the scanned copy of the documents such as your 10th and 12th mark sheets.

Step 4: Fee Payment

This is the final step to get enrol in your dream program (BCA admission 2022) which is to pay the required application fee. The fee amount may vary from college to college or university to university.

Step 5: Print for Future Use 

At last, you should take a printout of the application form and should keep it safe for future reference.

Jobs profiles after BCA Program

•    Data Scientist

•    Web Developer

•    IT Analyst

•    Technical Support Trainee

•    Blockchain Developer

•    Software Developer

•    Trainee Programmer

•    E-commerce Executive

•    Cyber Security Expert

•    IT Executive

•    Forensic Expert

•    Cryptographer

•    Security Architect 

•    Security Consultant

•    Security Engineer

•    Chief Information Security Officer

•    Security Administrator

•    Incident Responder

What after the BCA program? Career options after BCA Program!

Career Scopes after BCA

We now get ready to discuss the next phase when you will complete the BCA program and what are the options you have after completion of the BCA studies. A BCA graduate can get ample opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Here is a list of some of those options –

Government Sector 

A BCA degree opens various doors to successful career opportunities in various government sectors such as defence, banks, public service, etc.   

There are several exams that are conducted for entry into the top government sectors like the UPSC CDSE, UP PSC, SSC CGL, SSC, etc.      

These are the opportunities to BCA graduates by qualifying for these exams, you can make a bright future in the government sector. Some of the government jobs are specifically for BCA degree holders so you can apply for them.     

Public Sector

Apart from the above-mentioned government jobs, there are several opportunities for the BCA graduates in the public sectors also such as the Steel Authority of India, NTPC, BHEL, etc. This is also amazing to know that there are some of public sector jobs to apply for those jobs BCA graduates or Bachelor of Computer Application Graduates do not have to appear or qualify in any entrance exams (usually) for making a career.    

Private Sector

Private sector offers abundant Jobs opportunity to the Bachelor of Computer Application Graduates and Bachelor of Computer Application in data analytics. Private sector is the vast sector for the job seekers there are millions of jobs available in the private sector for BCA Graduates.

Our Country India has witnessed the development of the IT sector probably like no other country does in the world, and a result, the country has created a plethora of job opportunities for young BCA graduates, especially in the past decade.    

There are a large number of leading IT companies that offer a plethora of job opportunities to BCA graduates with much more than a handsome salary package. 


Freelancing is another and most sought-after option for the BCA graduates as there are startups or fewer known or unknown companies that require professionals skilful in programming languages to help them to build their own websites or business applications.    

Due to the crunch in their budget, these type of companies outsources their programming task to freelancers with a BCA degree or a higher degree. As a freelancer, you will have a range of opportunities, you can work for multiple companies and this will help you in gaining new experience and can be income sources from multiple sectors.    

Go for Higher Studies

Some students mainly have no interest to do the job just after graduating. If you are also not interested to do a job just after completing the BCA and want to continue your studies, you can enhance your knowledge, learning and skills by pursuing an MCA program or any other course like MBA, PGDM etc. You can opt for the higher studies program depending on your interests.

It is also a great option for enhancing your skillset for achieving your goals. After completing the post-graduation course you can opt for research courses and can choose to enter the job market with strong strength.  

Benefits of BCA   

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application Course is a 3-year undergraduate program that focuses on theoretical and practical knowledge about computer applications. After the development of the country in It Sector, the demand for BCA graduates has been increasing day by day and the BCA degree become one of the most sought-after courses in the various field of computer application in India.  

With the right amount of skills, learnings, and knowledge students can apply for high profiles jobs and can earn an ample amount just after pursuing the BCA program.  

When a student chooses a course to make a career in the computer world, he/she first wants to know the benefits of the course and the advantages to pursue the course and the scope of the course. The most common objection to pursuing a bachelor’s of computer application program is getting the best for making the best career. There are various benefits to pursuing this most sought-after program these days some of them are given below.   

A Technical Course

Bachelor of Computer Application is a technical and professional degree program with a lot of value to make your bright future. As we all are familiar with that technical education is in high demand and a good scope for career prospects.

In this profession, aspirants will be provided with adequate technical education that is in high demand. Through this course, you will be familiar with the different software, hardware, and networking, and you will be able to create the software, applications etc.  

Good Employment

After completing the BCA program you will be able to get a high-paid job and also can start a business. You will have the right and adequate skill set after completing the program by which you can get a lucrative job and can be able to run a business.

You will be taught during this course various techniques on how you can run a business also. As IT professionals are in high demand so you can get a high-profile job after completing the BCA program, but this will depend on the college if the college in which you are pursuing the program has collaborated with the top recruiters, then you might be able to get a job overseas by this prominent program.            

You will get high-paid jobs  

A BCA graduate can easily secure and high-paying jobs or lucrative jobs in the top companies. This UG degree will open many doors for young professionals. Any student who holds a professional bachelor’s degree in computer application can get an ample number of jobs for making a bright future.             

Scope outside India 

Doing BCA from a recognized college or university provides various job opportunities to the students not only in the country but across the world.       

It means you can get well-paid jobs in other countries also. We all know that innovation is a never-ending journey and this would require skilled IT and computer professionals which is one of the best advantages of pursuing the BCA program.      

Value in the industry

The IT sector gives more importance and priority to young professionals who have a Bachelor’s degree in the computer application field. So, we can say it is a great value of a BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application degree in the IT sector. BCA degree holders can find a great and high-paid job for making a career as the stepping stone to a bright future for them.   

Increase Knowledge 

In today’s era, it is important and necessary to gain knowledge about the modern and latest technology. Those students who want to make their career in the technology field will need to gain knowledge of modern technologies that is in demand in today’s world.

A BCA degree course helps them in gaining knowledge of modern computer technology through which they will have ample job opportunities. BCA course is not only a stepping stone to getting a high-paid job but also to increase knowledge.

It will make you a better person

This field will not only deliver a great career but it will also be helping in your personal growth. In this computer application field, you will be able to have an attitude toward problem-solving and this will make you a better person.

After getting the job, you will manage computer applications or secure the data of companies with your skills, learning, and knowledge. You will be responsible to resolve the problem of data of the companies which will help you in making a better person with a problem-solving attitude.  

By the above-given points, you can understand the importance and the benefits of a Bachelor of Computer Application degree program and how this 3-year course can help you in converting your dreams into reality. The program BCA can be benefitted to the students in many ways from those benefits some of the benefits we have discussed above that will help you in choosing the BCA program as a core program.  

 Best College for BCA Program

BCA course is one most sought-after courses in India, which is chosen by millions of students every year to pursue. The course is often chosen by these students with the sole aim to make a great forthcoming in the computer world.

If you are in search of the Best College to pursue the BCA Program, your journey to find the best college can be ended at Pt. Den Dayal Upadhyay Management College (IIMT Mall Road). As there are various colleges to pursue this program and selecting the best college as per your needs is not an easy task to do. 

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College instructing the best and the world-class education to students since its inception. The college is famously known as DDUMC or IIMT Mall Road and inculcates the best education with an aim to produce the best computer professionals to help the world.

If you love the computer world and want to get the best knowledge and education in this field in order to make a successful career, you can choose this institute.    

About PT. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College 

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College is located in a peaceful and pollution-free area Meerut Cantt. in the state of Uttar Pradesh. IIMT Mall Road (Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College) is located in Meerut city in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The institute is a private constituent college of IIMT Group which is one of the largest educational groups in the northern region of the country. The institute draws its inspiration from the founder Mr Yogesh Mohan Ji Gupta and his two pedestrian sons Mr Abhinav Agarwal and Mr Mayank Agarwal. 

The college is recognized by NCTE, Jaipur, and is affiliated with CCS University Meerut. The institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs across specializations in Business Management and Computer Applications.

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College is famously known as IIMT Mall Road and is famous for its education standards. The institution has placed a major emphasis on academics and believes in updating its teaching standards. The institute has been doing efforts to produce professionals not only for the countries but also for the world.         

The infrastructure of the college is tremendously well-developed and well-maintained with full of all the essential needs and facilities of the students. A classroom is known as another home of the students, DDUMC offers a world-class experience to its students.

The institute offers undergraduate in the discipline of Business Management, Computer Applications, and Education and Postgraduate courses in the discipline of education.

The faculty of the institute are highly qualified and well-experienced in their specific field. At DDUMC they are responsible to provide for the student’s needs and respond to updating themselves with the latest curriculum in order to give the best education to the students.

Over the years the institute gives the best education to the students and produces well-trained computer professionals for recruiters. The recruiters of the institute are increasing day by day as the institute is one of the best colleges in Meerut city and every year numbers of recruiters visit IIMT Mall Road in search of Young Talent. 

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BCA at IIMT Mall Road

Whether you are a resident of Meerut city or belong nearby, if you are looking for the best college for the BCA program in Meerut city, IIMT Mall Road can be the best choice for you and over the years the institute has maintained a position of the best college in Meerut.         

The main goal of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College for the BCA Program is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Data Analytics and all the aspects of Data Analytics.

With the growth and increase of automation in every field, there has been an exponential rise in the demand for Data Analytics professionals across the globe. It is one of the best colleges for computer application courses and offers advanced learning experiences to aspirants.                     

During the tenure of the BCA program, students understand the theoretical concepts and theories related to data and cyber security. The BCA course at IIMT deals with the understanding of protecting the data.                  

The college was established in the year 1994 with the aim to provide the best education to seekers. Since its beginning, it has been growing tremendously and achieving outstanding achievements. IIMT is a diversified group that offers a range of Under Graduate, Post Graduate, and diploma and research courses.                     

This prestigious institute is located at a prime location in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh and offers a range of courses and programs. IIMT offers unique and result-oriented programs to students. Under the umbrella of the IIMT Group of Colleges, there are 14 institutes named below.       

Institutes under the IIMT Group of Colleges

  • Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, Meerut (famously known as IIMT Mall Road Meerut)
  • IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida 
  • IIMT College of Polytechnic, Greater Noida
  • IIMT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida 
  • IIMT College of Science & Technology, Greater Noida 
  • IIMT College of Law, Greater Noida
  • IIMT Starz, Meerut  
  • IIMT Boarding School, Meerut 
  • IIMT Academy, Meerut 
  • IIMT Life Line Hospital, Meerut  
  • IIMT University, Meerut
  • Institute of Teacher’s Education, Meerut 
  • IIMT Engineering College, Meerut 

Why Choose IIMT Mall Road Meerut?  

To finalize the best college for your desired program is not as easy as we understand. You must go through all the details of the particular college or University before finalizing to get enroll. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College is famously known as IIMT Mall Road is located in a perfect, pollution-free cantonment area of the city.     

Situated in a perfect area in the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, IIMT Mall Road gives a perfect academic environment for its students. Established in the year 1994, it has been achieving its goals through the progress of its students. From 1994 to now, the college has been producing the best professionals every year who lead the top national and international companies through their knowledge and skills earned from the Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College.     

Since its inception, the college provides the best and most world-class education to the students. It is institute is situated at a lush green area peaceful area and the infrastructure of the institute is well-maintained.        

While choosing an institute for your program, you must check the placement record of the institute. At Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College around 85% of the total students got placed at the top national companies like Wipro, Byju’s, Jaro Education, tech Mahindra etc.     

Every year over 50 top national companies visited this prestigious institute in order to find young talent for their organization. At DDUMC, the average placement of the candidates is 4.5 LPA and the highest package is 12 LPA.

The faculties of the institute (IIMT Mall Road) are well-qualified and highly experienced in their specific area and all are responsible to assist the students in making their careers. These faculties have an enthusiastic zeal to stimulate the students by providing additional benefits and facilities to shine like stars.  

The institute not just provides academic knowledge but also held extracurricular and co-curricular activities like Dance Competitions, spelling competitions, spellathon, and various games by which learners can explore their artistic side too.

The institute also conducts various speaking and language classes to motivate the students for their future and to inspire them to achieve their goals.

You will have a lot to do at IIMT Mall Road whether it is related to academics or extra-curricular. DDUMC also conducts various co-curricular activities and organizes industrial visits to the candidates in order to give them practical knowledge where they can observe what they have learned in academic books.

What talent you have and what you love to do all will be appreciated at Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College. IIMT Mall Road offers a unique and result-oriented program to the students that are BCA.    

Reasons to join IIMT Mall Road Meerut….   

Provides the Right Academic Environment

IIMT Mall Road will give you the right and necessary academic environment. As it is important to contribute to the right academic environment to inculcate the best knowledge to the students that will help the learners in gaining an effective education.

Affordable fee

We all know that education helps people in the betterment of their lives and it is necessary for all. We all are belonging to different backgrounds, families, and cultures but IIMT Mall Road aims to provide the right adequate knowledge to all and all the students are the same for it.

For this, IIMT offers a range of courses at a reasonable fee and can afford by the students. Candidates from different categories, and backgrounds enrol at IIMT Mall Road as they don’t have to pay a large amount to move forward with their dreams.   

Availability of Scholarships

The right to education is the right of all the citizens of the country and Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College believes that money should not be a barricade for an education seeker even if he/she has a variety of innovative and new ideas in his/her mind and a passion to achieve in his/her heart.

For this, IIMT provides scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious students based on their academic achievements. This is also true that a scholarship is a kind of appreciation for each student. Apart from the meritorious scholarships, at IIMT, candidates can also get government-based scholarships as well such as a state-level scholarship.  

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Business Visits

In order to give practical and industrial knowledge to its students, IIMT Mall Road conducts business or industrial visits from time to time. Through these types of visits, Candidates observe the concepts and technics and how they work actually which they learn in their classes.

These industrial visits give practical knowledge to the candidates in learning effectively and help them to get closer to their dream careers.

Extra-curricular activities

Various activities play an important role in the students’ lives and growth. At IIMt Mall road, candidates can participate in different activities that are organized here from time to time. No doubt academics are very important but the learners must explore their artistic side and talent too. At Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, you will have various opportunities to explore yourself. 


IIMT gives the training to the students and imparts instructions through the latest techniques of Personality Development, and LRDI (Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation). At IIMT, students are trained to encounter their career and academic challenges and to make themselves job-ready.     


Placements are known as the key attraction for every academic institute because every student has a dream of making a bright career in his/her chosen field. The placement cell helps these job seekers making them job-ready and finding their dream job.

IIMT Mall Road has a strong edge in the industries. It has been developing new scales and benchmarks in the placements of its students year after year. IIMT focuses on the overall development of the learners so that they are able to get their dream jobs in the top MNCs with the most lucrative packages.  

The students of IIMT Mall Road have been working in top national and international companies like Wipro, Byju’s, Tech Mahindra, Jaro Education etc. In the year 2021-2022, the students of the college have grasped the highest package of 12 LPA and the average package is 4.5 LPA.

BCA Data Analytics
BCA Data Analytics

Top recruiters of IIMT Mall Road…






Tata Consultancy Services

Jaro Education

Tech Mahindra


Tommy Hilfiger

360 Cloud

Wealth Clinic

Paisa Bazaar

Metco Sports

Pt. DDUMC reliance on giving the best education to its learners not only to support them but also to boost their confidence level which will help ultimately to lead them to the great height of success in their lives. IIMT is excellently known for its best world-class education and its values.

Although its a private institute but it wishes to give the best knowledge to all students of all different categories, and backgrounds for this, it offers a reasonable fee structure for all courses, and besides this, it also provides financial support to its students.

That is one of the reasons to why the IIMT Mall Road is among the top colleges in the state of Uttar Pradesh and students from all over the country believe this foundation for attaining the best knowledge.    

It is hard to make the decision about the best college. You will be known by the name of the college you selected for your desired program for the rest of the years of your life, it is advised to give time to pick the best for you. You must check all the details before finalizing to any college such as courses, fee structure, affiliation, facilities, placement, etc.    

With a bit of blessing, the above-given information regarding the BCA-Bachelor of Computer Application Program will help you to choose the right career option and also for choosing the best college in order to achieve your career goals.     

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