Nowadays technology has a big role to play in our day-to-day lives. Technologies have made lives better and now we all are largely dependent on it in some or other ways. In fact, we can say we are living in a world ruled by technology and computers. The rapid growth of the IT industry has led to a great demand for computer experts all over the world. Now graduates with computer degrees have countless career opportunities in their home countries as well as overseas.  Undoubtedly, professionals in the field of computers will enjoy lucrative careers, opportunities to work across the world, and an ever-green demand.

In this techno-driven era, what could be better than pursuing a career in computer science? Becoming an expert in the field of computers will provide you with potential growth and rewarding careers. To gain expertise in the field of computers, it is necessary to pursue a degree in the field of computer applications. BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is one of the finest bachelor’s degree courses in the field of computers and a good start for rewarding careers in computer science. The course holds great value in the job market and is frequently pursued by students after the 12th. 

Let’s check out some amazing facts about BCA and the reasons to pursue the course to get the answer to the question of “Why a BCA program is perfect for a career in computer science?”

Amazing facts about BCA

  • BCA is a popular bachelor’s degree course that provides expertise in computer applications
  • The course also provides good knowledge of widely used programming languages like Java, C++, Python, HTML, and more
  • BCA is one of the computer application courses that can be pursued by students after competing 12th in any stream
  • The duration of the course is three years and it is still considered at par with B.Tech and BE computer science courses
  • BCA is considered a perfect start for a career in computer science and the finest course for tech-savvy students
  • BCA is also a pocket-friendly course as it requires less investment when compared to other computer degrees.

Some good reasons to pursue BCA

Wonderful career options- BCA is the most sought-after and highlights career-oriented courses at open doors to rewarding careers in the flourishing field of computer science

A course that is both pocket-friendly and career-oriented- In spite of being the most career-focused degree in the computer domain, BCA requires low money investment as compared to other computer degrees.

Provides a strong foundation in computers- BCA is a course designed to provide a strong foundation in the computer field. The course provides an understanding of both human and technical skills.

Numerous specializations are available- BCA includes various specializations that help gain expertise in a particular area. Cyber security artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and information security are some of the BCA specializations.

Which college is perfect to pursue my BCA degree?

To pursue the most sought-after and career-focused BCA course we are introducing you to DDUMC- The best BCA College in Meerut. DDUMC is an abbreviation of Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College. The college is counted among the top 10 management colleges in UP. Since its inception, the college has been well-known for its quality education and excellent placements. DDUMC offers BCA with cyber security and artificial intelligence specializations. The college aims at providing quality education and accelerating its students to reach the zenith of success.

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