In the current era of digitalization, the need for digital solutions and computer experts is growing with leaps and bounds. Due to this majority of students aspire to make their careers in the fast-paced IT industry. To secure lucrative careers in this tech-savvy world it is highly essential to have literacy in computers. Computer experts nowadays enjoy great career opportunities and high salaries. Let’s check which course would be the best to secure lucrative careers in the IT industry. 

Computer science is a vast field including a variety of courses under its umbrella. You can even enter the world of computers after completing the 12th. BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is one of the most sought courses in the field of computer science and the fastest ticket to a career in the IT industry. There are numerous benefits of pursuing a BCA degree in the current tech-savvy era. This course can provide you with a good understanding of computers and its applications. The BCA course is also considered at par with the B.Tech and BA courses in computer science.

Now let’s explore the details information about the BCA course and what you will learn while pursuing it.

Introducing BCA- A gateway to the world of computers

Abbreviated as Bachelor of Computer Applications, BCA is a popular graduation course that deals with the study of computers and their applications. It is a highly career-oriented course that opens doors to numerous career opportunities. The course imparts knowledge related to basic software development and computing skills. The duration of the BCA course is three years which is divided into six semesters. The curriculum of the BCA program is structured by academicians and industry experts. Some of the subjects you will study in this program include Database Management, User Interface Design, Data Structures, and Operating Systems.

  • Pursuing BCA is the best decision for students who are interested in learning about networking technology, computer science, information technology, information security, and software engineering.

Trendy Specializations of the BCA program

BCA is one of the courses that include various specializations that allow students to become experts in a specific field. Below given is the list of trendy BCA specializations

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet Technologies
  • Network Systems
  • Programming languages such as Python, Java, C, PHP, and more
  • BCA curriculum may vary as per the chosen specializations

Let’s take a look at some of the subjects you will study in BCA program

A list of BCA subjects

  • Foundational mathematics
  • Hardware lab
  • Digital computer fundamentals
  • Operating systems
  • Communicative English
  • Data structures
  • Financial Accounting
  • Software engineering
  • Programming in Java
  • Computer networks

Which is the best BCA College in Meerut?

DDUMC also known as Deen Dayal College of Management is one of the best BCA colleges in Meerut. The college offers the new age BCA program with the trendiest specializations of cyber security and artificial intelligence. DDUMC is also one of the top BCA colleges of CCS University. For decades, the college has been well-known for its world-class education and impeccable placements. So if you want to pursue a BCA program from a college that can accelerate your dream career, then DDUMC is the ideal destination for you.

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