What is BBA Degree?

Choosing the right course to pursue after completing class 12 requires a lot of brainstorming. Students want to pursue a course that can provide lucrative careers right after its completion. In this blog, we are going to discuss BBA which is one of the career-oriented courses to pursue after class 12th.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a bachelor’s degree that provides students with a professional management qualification. It is one of the most marketable and in-demand under graduation degrees.

The duration of this course is mainly three years which is further divided into six semesters. This course highly emphasizes the concept of business and management which is required in mainly every kind of employment. If you want to build a career in the field of business management then BBA can be highly beneficial for you as it is designed for helping learners make insightful decisions and gracefully lead others.

Below are the answers to some common questions that will help you know about the BBA degree.

What is a BBA Degree?

The BBA degree is a bachelor’s degree course that is designed for helping students to grow in their theoretical as well as practical understanding of marketing, finance, and management. This course also helps the students to develop skills for real-life situations.

What is it good for?

The BBA degree is ideal for the one who wants to grow in their business careers. This degree will provide you with the tools and qualifications which will help you to rise in the field of your career. It is also a versatile degree that can provide opportunities in diverse industries. Nowadays, both big and small, government and private organizations are looking for candidates who have earned a BBA degree.

BBA Degree

What you will learn in the BBA degree?

In this course, students learn the foundation that makes a business successful. This course will make you learn all the essential concepts of business and management. Students learn the aspects of business through lectures, live projects, internships, and more. The aim of this course is to graduate you with all skills needed to thrive in any position in an organization. While pursuing this course you will get to learn about business communication, human resource management, business finance, and more.

What all specializations of the BBA course are available?

The BBA course offers a number of specializations that can be selected by the learners according to their interests. The below discussed are some of the popular BBA specializations in which you can pursue a grooming career.


This specialization focuses on the principles of accounting and regulatory laws. It prepares the students in making effective financial decisions for an organization.


This specialization explores financial analysis, investing, and international financing to name a few. The management of finance is all about managing and analyzing the expenses of the organization.


This specialization concentrates on advertising, public relations, consumer behavior, and useful marketing research for helping business to promote their product or services.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most trending BBA specializations nowadays. This specialization includes the study of marketing 0of various products and services using digital technologies.

What jobs and salaries are available for BBA graduates?

BBA is one of the most sought-after degrees that can provide students with high-paying jobs right after its completion. The career scopes of the BBA course are one of the biggest reasons behind its popularity. This degree is integral for the following job titles:

  • Project Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Staff Accountant
  • Sales Executive
  • Research and Development Manager
  • Public Relation Manager

The above-named job profiles can provide high-paying jobs and their salaries also increase on the basis of experience.

BBA Degree

From where should I earn my BBA degree?

When looking for a college/university to pursue the BBA course, students should keep certain things in mind such as the fee structure of the course, affiliation, and approvals of the college, location, and infrastructure, course curriculum, and most important placements.

If you want to pursue an updated full-time BBA course then Pt. DDUMC is the right college for you. Pt. DDUMC also known as IIMT Mall Road is one of the popular management colleges located in the city of Meerut. This college is renowned for its high quality of education and the career opportunities it provides to students.

Digital marketing specialization of the BBA is also available at Pt. DDUMC. The college aims at providing rewarding careers to all its students. For years, the college has maintained an impeccable placement record and has been among the top preferences of BBA aspirants. The college also provides the students with all the necessary support and facilities and hence, Pt. DDUMC can be concluded as the best place for earning a BBA degree.

Hopefully, you found this blog helpful to know “What is a BBA Degree.”

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