What is a BBA Course?

What is a BBA Course?BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is one of the most sought-after bachelor’s degrees pursued by students after the completion of class 12th. As this course can be pursued by students from all fields such as arts, commerce, and science stream, most of the students after completing class 12th search for the question what is a BBA course? If you are also looking for the same, then here we are going to discuss some necessary information regarding the BBA course.

It is a three years bachelor’s degree course designed for imparting knowledge related to the management of a business and also teaches the complex aspects of running a business. The BBA course primarily focuses on providing the students with a strong foundation of the principles of business and management.

This degree will help the students in building managerial skills and preparing them for business administration positions.  The BBA course is offered at ample universities and colleges in India as well as abroad. The course is also offered through different modes such as full-time, part-time, online, and distance learning.

What is a BBA Course?

In simple words, this degree is all about the management of a company, business, or organization. Below discussed are a few benefits which will help you to choose the BBA degree as the stepping stone for your career.

Professional Degree

BBA is considered one of the best professional degrees at under graduation level. Apart from its curriculum, the BBA degree also taught you to develop your personality.

A wide base of knowledge

The BBA course is designed by industry experts with the aim to impart deep knowledge related to all the aspects of running a business.

Career opportunities

Right after graduation, the BBA degree holders can seek a high-paying job. These graduates can join the professional world as trainee managers or in other administrative positions.

Personality Development

The BBA course also helps the students in developing their personalities. While pursuing this course, students are taught soft skills, public speaking, leadership, and more.

The BBA degree also consists of different specializations which students can choose as per their choice. Some of the BBA popular specializations are discussed below:


This specialization focuses on accounting principles and regulatory laws. It prepares the students in assisting businesses in making effective financial decisions. While pursuing this specialization, students will be able to understand the professional criteria and ethical responsibilities of an internal auditor. Some of the subjects students will learn under this specialization are financial, tax, corporate, and management accounting.


This specialization focuses on consumer behavior, advertising, public relations, and helpful marketing research for facilitating the business in effectively promoting their products and services and boosting customer demand.


This specialization focuses on emphasizing leadership and team-building skills, changing environment, and effective decision-making. It enables the learners to understand the complexities related to decision-making and analyzing the data while managing a business. By pursuing this specialization, students will gain managerial skills needed for leading challenging roles in the corporate world.


The finance specialization explores financial analysis, investing, international finance, and more.  This specialization is all about analyzing and managing the expenses of an organization. It develops the necessary skills needed for financial management like insurance and investment.

Human Resource Management

This specialization combines the study of management techniques needed for managing the human resource of an organization.

Digital Marketing

It is one of the renowned specializations of the BBA course pursued by students nowadays. This specialization includes an advanced study of the techniques needed in the marketing of products and services using digital technologies such as display advertising, the internet, mobile phones, etc.

What is a BBA Course?

What is a BBA Course?

Choosing a BBA specialization will help you to narrow the scope of your education in a specific field of business. Some of the major subjects included in the BBA course are Business Economics, Business Mathematics, Principles of Management, Statistics, Organizational Behavior, etc. This degree also aims at equipping students with managerial and entrepreneurship skills. The subjects of the BBA course may vary according to the specializations chosen by the students.

BBA Careers

Career opportunities are one of the core reasons behind the huge demand for the BBA course. It is one of the degrees which provide students with lucrative jobs right after graduation. This degree will open a number of career options for its graduates. A BBA graduate can seek a career in both private as well as public sectors. Below discussed are some of the careers which can be sought by BBA graduates.

Executive Assistant– this professional is like an administrative assistant who has to perform different official and clerical tasks such as accepting and making phone calls, reviewing incoming reports, sending memos, accepting visitors, setting business meeting agendas, etc.

Travel and Tourism Manager– These professionals have to look after the activities of a company for providing the best travel facilities such as booking reservations for travel, special events, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Account Manager– These professionals are responsible for maintaining the accounts-related data of the company intact. They also have to work for expanding business from existing clients.

Brand Manager– These professionals have to plan, develop, and give efforts for improving the performance of a product, service, or brand. Brand Manager has to work constantly for improving the brand image in the market as compared to the competitors.

Business Development Executive– These professionals are responsible for helping the business to grow.

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