BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is one of the in demand courses nowadays. Due to the boom in the IT industry, this course has a lot value in the job market.  In India the scope for BCA degree is quite wide and diverse. With this degree, you can find employment in multiple sectors.

This course is best for the students who want to learn about computers and their applications. After completing 12th, most of the technology inclined students opt to pursue the BCA course. When deciding to pursue BCA, many students gets puzzled with the question what career opportunities will the BCA course provide? Are you the one puzzled with the same question? If yes, then you are at the right place.  

This blog contains information about BCA and the top 5 high salary career options after BCA in India. Here you can also gather facts and information about the BCA course.

Facts and Information about BCA course

BCA is abbreviated as Bachelor of Computer Application. It is a three years under graduation course pertaining to computer applications. The duration of this course is three years and six semesters. This course can be pursued after completing 12th in any stream. The BCA course is designed to provide learners with a solid background in programming languages, computer science, software development, etc. Students associated with interest in the areas of technology are best suited for this course. As BCA is one of the popular courses in India it is offered at various colleges/universities all over the country. This course basically focuses on equipping students with skills and knowledge required for making career in software businesses as well as computer applications. BCA course also includes various specializations, choosing which can help students in getting expertise in a particular field. Cyber security, artificial intelligence, animation, computer graphics, programming languages are some of the popular specializations of BCA course. While pursuing BCA, you can gain proficiency in the widely used programming languages like Java, C++, Python, etc.

Top 5 High Salary Career Options after BCA in India

In the current era of digitalization, the BCA course has a great value in the job market. This helps students in building a multifaceted career. This course is considered at par with B.Tech and BE computer science courses. The BCA course requires less investment as compare to other courses in computer domain. Students pursuing BCA can get high paying jobs right after its completion. Below discussed are the top 5 high salary career options after BCA in India.

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber security analyst is one of the best career options for BCA graduates. Nowadays, there is a great demand for these professions. They are engaged in protecting the IT system or data of an organization from cyber threats and attacks. Their primary role is to understand the IT infrastructure of an organization in detail, monitor it thoroughly, and identify the threats that can breach the network. The average annual salary for cyber security analyst after BCA is around INR 7.2lakhs.

Data Scientist

These professionals are experts in analyzing and translating huge amount of data into useful insights. Data scientist helps an organization in talking informed decisions by translating and analyzing their data. The average annual salary for data scientist in India is approximately INR 8.13Lakhs.

Technical Support Engineer

Technical support engineers are responsible for managing and looking after various systems of an organization. They have to help their clients in solving their technology related issues. For becoming a successful technical support engineer you will also need to have a networking certification along with BCA. Having a networking certificate can help you to get jobs in the top IT companies. As a technical support engineer in India you can expect to earn around INR 4 to 5lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketing Executive

As nowadays more and more business are moving online the need for digital marketers is increasing. These professionals are responsible for maintaining a strong online presence of an organization. Digital marketers have to implement strategies for promoting a product or services on the internet. They use different digital marketing tools and techniques such as SEO- Search Engine Optimization, SMO- Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, SEM- Social Engine Marketing, etc. A digital marketing professional can expect an average salary of INR 5.4Lakhs per annum INR India.

Software Developer

These professionals are responsible for designing and coding software. They work on both designing and technical aspects of software projects.  For becoming a successful software developer one should have good coding and programming skills. The average annual salary of a software developer in India ranges from INR 5.50Lakhs to 8Lakhs.

The salary of BCA graduates also increases with years of experience. BCA graduates can also earn high salaries in the government sector. There are various government organizations which offer employment to BCA graduates. EPFO- Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, NSC- National Seeds Corporation Limited, IIMR- Indian Institute of Millets Research, CIMFR- Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research are some of the major government organizations which offers jobs to BCA degree holders. Apart from the aforementioned there are various other job profiles for BCA graduates in India. Students should also choose their career according to their field of interest. Hopefully, this blog has helped you to know about the top 5 high salary career options after BCA in India.

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