Are you interested to make a career in the world of business? If yes then a BBA course can be the best option for you. BBA is an under graduation course which aims at providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to operate in the business world. It is a bachelor’s degree course that is offered at various colleges and universities all over the globe. For years BBA has been one of the most preferred courses among students who are seeking higher education. This course is also an ideal option for those who want to pursue a course that is in demand and can open doors to ample career opportunities in today’s competitive world.

BBA course has a rich popularity nowadays. It is pursued by thousands of students every year for accomplishing their dreams. This course can help you reach the top positions in the field of business and management and also enables you to start your own venture. Most of the graduates who pursued BBA have found this course worth pursuing as it is one of the courses that can provide access to a high-paying job right after its completion. One of the interesting facts about the BBA course is that students from all backgrounds can pursue it after completing 12th. The curriculum of the BBA course is also updated frequently according to the trends of the industry.

After deciding to pursue the BBA course students generally search for jobs after BBA. There are plethoras of job opportunities available for BBA graduates in diverse domains. BBA graduates can find employment in multiple sectors. They also have access to both private and government jobs. If you are a BBA graduate or a BBA aspirant and want to know about jobs after BBA then this blog is the right place for you. Here we are going to discuss the various job opportunities after BBA. But first, let’s look at the brief introduction to the BBA course.

Introduction to the BBA Course

The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration. It is three years under graduation course that teaches the fundamental as well as advanced principles of management. BBA is a dynamic course and its curriculum is kept updated as per the requirements of the industry. It is one of the most frequently pursued courses in India. The course also focuses on polishing and developing the skills like leadership, communication, problem-solving, etc. BBA graduates can find employment in areas like Finance, Consultancy, Banking, Information Technology, Sales, etc. the BBA course also includes various specializations which help students to become experts in a particular field. Pursuing a specialized course is highly beneficial nowadays. It provides better career opportunities and helps in focusing on a specific area. Below named are some of the top BBA specializations

  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Finance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Banking and Insurance
  • International Business
  • Aviation Management
  • Rural Management

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Jobs after BBA

BBA is a professional course that provides multiple job options to its graduates. Here we are going to explore the exciting job options for BBA graduates.

Business Development Executive-Business development executives are skilled professionals who create long their value for the business.  They have to maintain relationships between customers and the market. These professionals mainly have to focus on the growth of the business.

Accountant- Accountants have to prepare and maintain financial reports. They have to prepare tax returns and make sure that all taxes are paid on time.

Investment Banker- Investment bankers are expert professionals who advise firms in taking financial decisions. They have to help companies in raising capital and maximizing profits.

Operation Analyst- Operation analysts are professionals who connect customers with businesses and assist them in fulfilling all their requirements. Their work includes research and helps companies in decision-making on the basis of research.

Financial Manager- A financial manager is a professional who looks after the financial health of an organization. They have to monitor cash flow, manage expenses, determine profitability, and provide financial reports.

Assistant Manager- An assistant manager has to manage the daily affairs of a company and keep the business running.

Below tabulated are some of the top job profiles after BBA with their salaries.

Job ProfilesAverage Annual Salaries
Operations Analyst3.38Lakhs
Marketing Executive3.06Lakhs
Executive Assistant3.06Lakhs
Relationship Manager4.23Lakhs
Financial Analyst4.05Lakhs
Human Resource Executive3.00Lakhs
Sales Associate2.50Lakhs

Government Jobs after BBA

BBA graduates can also find employment in the government sector. There are various government organizations like SAIL, GAIL, etc., and many government departments like banks and public sector undertakings that offer employment opportunities to BBA graduates. Below discussed are some of the government jobs for BBA graduates.

Probationary Officer- A bank PO has to handle the customer’s complaints or other related issues. They also have to perform various managerial jobs like supervising and managing loans, finance, and cash flows.

Account Manager- An account manager has to look after the accounting and management of funds in an organization.

Indian Administrative Services- These professionals are responsible for implementing government policies and looking after the implementation of laws and order in a district. 

BBA is a highly career-oriented course that provides exposure to ample career opportunities. In this short article, we have tried our best to provide you with the necessary information about jobs after BBA. Hope it helped you to gather the information you need.

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