BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA is a three years bachelor’s degree course offered in the discipline of computer applications. This course provides its learners with a strong foundation in software development, computer applications, and programming. This course is a key to entering the billion dollars IT industry, therefore ample students after completing 12th opt to pursue this course. Various colleges and universities in India and abroad offer this course. The BCA course also provides different specializations which will help you to become an expert in a particular area. Some of the BCA specializations are named below:

  • Cyber Security
  • Systems Analysis
  • Personal Information Management
  • Programming Languages
  • Internet Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computer Graphics
  • Music and Video Processing

Pursuing a BCA degree will help you to achieve a well-paid job right after graduation. This degree is also less expensive as compared to other IT degrees. While pursuing the BCA course, you can explore and learn mainly everything related to computers and their applications. Operation systems, database management, logical Analysis, Software Design, Python, C++, and Java, are some of the subjects covered under the BCA course. If you want to pursue a BCA degree from a recognized college then Pt. DDUMC is the best option for you. The BCA course available at the college helps you to seek updated skills and knowledge.

In order to get enrolled in top-notch BCA colleges and universities in India students may need to qualify for the entrance exam. UP CET, SUAT, UPSEE, and CUET, are some of the popular BCA entrance exams. These entrance exams mainly assess the computer science knowledge of the students.

If you are going to appear for the BCA entrance exams and are puzzled about how to prepare for the BCA entrance exams, then this blog is the right place for you. Every student should tailor their preparation according to their needs and abilities. However, we are going to provide some tips and strategies that will help you to achieve the best result in your entrance exam preparation journey.

Qualifying for the BCA entrance exam is not an easy task. To get enroll in the top BCA colleges it is essential to achieve good scores or rank in the entrance exam. You can follow the below-mentioned tips and strategies for cracking the BCA entrance exam.

First and most important familiarize the syllabus

Before preparing for the exam it is essential for getting familiarized with its syllabus. For qualifying for the exam which good scores, only studying the important topics is not enough you should also study every inch of the syllabus.

Time Management

You should always keep the track of time while studying. For the best utilization of your time, you should prepare a timetable as per your schedule and strictly adhere to it.

Plan your studies Subject wise

A subject-wise study plan is highly important for your preparation. It will act as a roadmap for your entire entrance exam preparation journey and will help you to focus on each subject of the syllabus.

Try to cover the entire syllabus

You should try to cover the entire syllabus a few days prior to the exam so you give some extra time to revise the topics.

Having difficulty with a topic or question

While preparing if you often get stuck with a topic or question you should not spend more time on it. You can move on to other topics and can cover this one later. If you are unable to resolve your issues then you need assistance which you can get from different sources like books, the internet, friends, instructors, etc.

Prepare your notes

Putting your ideas into order is one of the core exam tips for BCA. While studying you should jot down notes, highlight the important passages in books, and so on. Your notes will be highly beneficial for you as in the end, you won’t have time to go through the whole theory and when arriving at this point in the process your notes will assist you in a quick review. For understanding everything in a better way you should use visualization tools like mind maps. You can create a journey notepad, a book of ideas, to anything else you find interesting.

Work on your weaknesses

Spending more time and energy on your most essential things is a good idea however you should cover all the other topics simultaneously. Finding out your shortcomings will let you know where to work on developing and improving. If you know your areas of weakness, you may work to overcome them which will enhance your overall performance.

Best utilize the resources available online

In today’s digital era, preparation does not only include using physical books. You should look up the subjects online instead examine the course outline. Looking for previous exam papers online and working through them will help you to understand the exam format better. You can also take a practice test online which will help you to determine your speed on the real exam.

Learn, do not cram

Mainly every student studies to learn and become more knowledgeable about the world. Understanding things will make your learning interesting. As the BCA course focuses on information technology, students should demonstrate their abilities for applying logic.

We hope following the above-mentioned tips will help you to excel in the examination.  Keep your mind stress-free and see how well you will perform in your BCA entrance exam when under no pressure.

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