If you have decided to pursue your career as an ethical hacker then you are definitely on the right track. Ethical hacking is not just cool but also the next biggest thing in the coming years due to technological advancement. For becoming a certified ethical hacker BCA can be a good start. The course will train you to work in industries and can also upgrade your skills in computer applications. The following blog is all about the BCA course and will also provide you with the answer to the question of how a BCA program can help me in being a certified ethical hacker?

First, let’s know what ethical hacking exactly is?

Ethical hacking also known as penetration testing is a process of exploiting computer systems and networks when permitted by the concerned authority. The main purpose of ethical hacking is to provide and maintain online security for users and system owners. It provides us with situations that cause threats on computers.

The rapid growth of digitalization and information technology has also given rise to cyber crimes and hacking. Hacking is a word that we often come across nowadays. It is an act of compromising digital devices and networks by the use of unauthorized access. To safeguard our devices and networks from hacking ethical hacking plays a significant role. Ethical hacking can be considered a practice of system defenses. It is one of the finest career options nowadays. Currently, ethical hackers have a great demand in the job market and it is expected to be the same in coming years. BCA can be a good option to kick-start a career in ethical hacking. The course will provide basic knowledge in software and hardware networking and will also familiarize you with the technical terms and techniques. However, pursuing an advanced or a certificate course is necessary to become a full-fledged hacker.

Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned details about BCA. 

Things you should know about BCA

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is an under graduation course that focuses on studying computers and their applications. The duration of BCA is three years and six semesters. This course is highly suitable for those who want to make their career in the field of information technology. The core aim of the BCA course is to create a firm foundation in computer fundamentals. Some of the subjects included in BCA are data structure, databases, networking, and programming languages like Java, Python, C, and more. The course also helps students to build certain necessary skills like communication, leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. BCA also includes varieties of specializations. Some of the BCA specializations are listed below:

  • Accounting applications
  • Internet Technologies
  • Music and Video Processing
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics

There are various career options available for BCA graduates and ethical hacking is one of the most sought-after among them.

Programming languages in BCA that are useful for Ethical Hackers

Ethical hacking is used for preventing threats or cyber attacks and malicious viruses. To become an ethical hacker it is necessary to learn certain programming languages. The programming languages help in analyzing and understanding codes, attaining access to hardware, cross-site scripting, and website. Below discussed are some of the programming languages in the BCA course that are useful for ethical hacking.


It is a popular programming language that helps in detecting weak links and carries web exploitation. Javascript is also used in replicating and broadening viruses and malware.


This programming language is used to exploit scripts and malicious programs. It is highly helpful for those opting for ethical hacking courses

C Programming

This programming language is largely used in cyber security. It is helpful in managing operating systems and technical tools. Learning C programming will help hackers in getting a better understanding of the operating framework. It can be used for developing key loggers, and rootkits, and detecting malware.

Ethical Hacking courses to pursue after BCA

BCA course will make you familiar with the basic concepts that will help you in pursuing ethical hacking courses. To become an ethical hacker after BCA all you need is to pursue an advanced diploma in cyber security and get the certification of cyber security.

If you are planning to pursue BCA to kick start a career in ethical hacking then we would like to invite you to DDUMC. DDUMC or IIMT Mall Road is one of the well-known BCA colleges in Meerut. The college offers BCA course with cyber security and artificial intelligence specializations which are best for an ethical hacking career. We hope reading this blog has helped you to get the answer to the question of How a BCA Program can help me in being a certified ethical hacker?

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