Difference between BBA and Other Business Degrees: Which One to Choose?

In today’s competitive era, pursuing a degree in the business domain can do wonders for your career. There are various degrees available in the business domain such as BBA, BMS, and BBM. All these degrees can be pursued after completing 12th.

BBA is the most popular course among the other business degrees due to which many students eagerly want to know the differences between BBA and other degrees and they also get puzzled to choose the business degrees best for their career.

If you are in the same boat then this blog is for you. Here we are going to discuss the difference between BBA and other business degrees. First, let us put light on different business degrees and their career prospects. 

Business Degrees in India


BMS or Bachelor of Business Management is three years under graduation course. This course is designed to impart the advanced management studies which are required for running a business or organization effectively. While pursuing this course, students can get depth expertise in managing human resources, business research, and economics.  

The BMS course provides a complete knowledge of entrepreneurship, trade, financing, stocks management landscape, innovative business strategies, and business strategies. It also includes various training courses and extracurricular events that are essential for the overall development of the students. This course will also inculcate team-building skills and strong communication skills among the students.  

Business Degrees

Career Opportunities for the BMS Graduates 

The BMS course provides a plethora of career opportunities. Students with this degree can also pursue a master’s degree preferably an MBA degree. This course makes the students eligible for jobs in different areas like sales and marketing, finance academic institutions, retail and consulting, and so on.  Some of the job roles for BMS degree graduates are mentioned below: 

Quality Manager– These professionals have to ensure that their products or services meet the desired quality standards. Their core responsibilities are to understand the needs and expectations of the customers, create quality control process, and outlining the standards of quality. 

Assistant Manager– These professionals have to work with the store managers in planning, organizing, and implementing strategies. Their responsibilities include supervising the employees on their daily tasks, managing the workflow of their workplace, and providing customer support in escalated situations. 

HR Executive– HR Executives are the key members of the HR department. They have to play the crucial role of managing the HR staff and implementing several projects.  The job description of an HR Executive may differ as per the organization. 


BBM or Bachelor of Business Management is a three years under graduation course in the business and management field. This course is quite similar to the BBA course. It is highly suitable for students who want to make careers in business. The BBM course will inculcate both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of business.

While pursuing this course, students will learn advanced skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and more. The BBM course also has different specializations such as marketing, international business, and human resource management.  

Career Opportunities for the BBM Graduates 

Due to the rapid growth of the corporate sector, graduates with BBM degrees can expect a lucrative career ahead. After successfully pursuing the BBM course, students can build careers in different domains. Below written are some of the job roles for BBM graduates. 

Operations Manager– The key role of these professionals is to look after the productivity and efficiency of the business. The duties of the operations manager include recruiting and training employees, managing quality assurance programs, etc. 

Business Application Manager Their role is to look after the functioning of the business applications.  The business Application Manager has to work with a team of programmers, developers, and other IT professionals. 

Associate Manager – These professionals are responsible for training the staff that has to assist customers in various activities like making documents, answering phone calls, dealing with the customers, etc.


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an under graduation course that provides students with professional management qualifications which help them to obtain business leadership roles. The BBA education is growing leaps and bound with the growing Indian economy and businesses.

The knowledge and training inculcated in the BBA course prepare the students for managerial roles. There are various specializations available in the BBA course which students can choose as per their career plans and interest. International Business, digital marketing, finance, hospitality, and human resource, are some of the popular BBA specializations. 

Business Degrees

Career Opportunities for the BBA Graduates 

Human Resource Manager– These professionals have to look after the hiring process of an organization. They are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. 

Business Development ExecutiveThese professionals are responsible for driving the sales of a company by convincing the existing clients and sourcing new clients for purchasing added offerings. 

Market Research Analystthey have to analyze and gather data related to customers and competitors. These professionals have to study the preference of the customer preferences, conditions of the business, and several other factors for assessing potential sales of a product or service. 

The thing which makes BBA different from other degrees is that instead of only theoretical teaching, this course also grooms management, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills among students through different pedologic approaches such as case studies, presentations, internships, experimental learning, etc.

The curriculum of the BBA course is frequently updated as per the demand of the industry. This course provides a plethora of career opportunities to its graduates. Apart from jobs, BBA graduates can also become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses. Hopefully, this blog has helped you to know the difference between BBA and other Business Degrees.

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