Golden Girl Annu Rani : It was such an amazing day (October 12, 2023) when we invited golden star to our stage!

We, the DDUMC family, have invited a golden star who scripted its name in the books of history. The day was fabulous with meeting the girl who proved that girls are not less than boys. And if they can make stone hearts melt, they can also lead the world & can also bring many golden medals to our home. We just need to Trust her, empower her, & be with her!

Highlights of that beautiful day

On the day of October 12, 2023, we invited an athlete popularly known as Golden Girl of India, Annu Rani Dharayan to share some of her golden memories & stories of winning the Gold Medal in Asian Games 2023. The event was titled as “the Swarnim Vijay Samman” with the slogan of Ek Medal Hazaro Aashayein !  Golden Girl Annu Rani Dharayan shared some amazing stories at this event about her journey of struggles to win the gold medal in the Asian Games 2023 conducted in Hangzhou, China. 

Our students showed their full enthusiasm by listening & appreciating her journey to this achievement. They asked questions about how she managed her life and how she overcame negative comments when a girl walked towards her dream. Along with all the girls students, all the authority officials of DDUMC were present to make their day fabulous & inspire. We would like to extend our big thanks to Annu Rani for making this day more meaningful with her presence.

Golden Girl Annu Rani

About Annu Rani | Golden Girl Annu Rani

Sport has the power to change lives, the ability to initiate gender equality, and the ability to change the world. It’s our fundamental right and a powerful tool to strengthen social ties and bonds, promote sustainable development and peace.

She (Annu) is an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. From Bahadurpur Meerut to the Olympics & Asians, she crossed the threshold of her village and proved that if you can dream something, you can also achieve it. Regardless of being from a conservative family, she managed to convince her family, especially her father, to let her play Javelin Throw and now she has become the first Indian Woman Javelin Thrower to win a Gold Medal in the Asian Games 2023.

Annu Rani was born on 28 August 1992, in a conservative Jat family in the village of Bahadurpur in Meerut city, Uttar Pradesh. Her father is a farmer, and from starting she had the courage to do something different to be an inspiration for others. Her talent was first identified by her brother during a cricket game. Then he began to train her and played a significant role in her journey to be a golden girl.

The Golden Girl won a silver medal at the 23rd Asian Athletics Championships in Qatar in 2019, which qualified her for the World Athletics Championship. After Niraj Chopra, she scripted her name in the game of Javelin Throw and became the first Indian woman javelin thrower to participate in the World Athletics Championship. Do check DDUMC in Golden Book of World Records

She won a bronze medal at the IAAF World Challenge event Golden Spike Ostrava in Ostrava, Czech Republic. And she won the Sportstar Aces Sportswoman of the Year Award in Athletics in the year 2020. Along with this, she won the gold medal in the women’s javelin throw event at the 59th National Open Athletics Championship.

Golden Girl Annu Rani

Breaking all the records, she became the first Indian Javelin Thrower to win a Gold medal in the Asian Games 2023 at Hangzhou. 

At last, we would like to bring your attention towards the fact that if a girl can make stone hearts melt, she can also lead the world & can also bring many golden medals to our home! We just need to Trust her, empower her, & be with her!

Golden Girl Annu Rani

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