Industrial Visits : Nowadays, industrial visits have become an integral part of the curriculum of various professional courses like BBA and BCA. It provides exposure to the real world and makes students familiar with the working environment of organizations. Industrial visits are considered essential for the holistic development of students. It provides students with a practical perspective of the theories and concept they have learned.

The core objective of industrial visit is to provide an insight into the business world. Industrial visits are a good opportunity for students for gaining awareness about the industrial practices and working. Students can also get to know about the latest technologies. Due to ample benefits of industrial visits, many of the top-notch colleges like Pt.DDUMC conduct it frequently for making their students job-ready. Now let’s have a look on the reasons why industrial visits are important for students.

Important of Industrial Visits for Students

Industrial visits helps students to know about the working environment of industries, their processing, interaction with workers, how machineries works, and more. It also provides knowledge about the recent trends in market, future scenario, and the latest technologies. Below mentioned are some of the importances of industrial visit for students.

Understanding the Functioning of Industry

Industrial visits help students to learn about the functioning of industry such as how different machineries work, how much time a process requires to get completed, how work is managed, what standards they follow, etc. Industrial visits are also a great opportunity for students to learn about their interests.

Provides Practical Exposure

Industrial visits provide students with the opportunity to experience real machinery, plants, workstations, etc. This practical learning is essential for the holistic development of students. Industrial visits also provide opportunities to students for working with the latest technical developments in industrial machinery and equipment.

Opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts

Industrial visits provide students the opportunity to interact and learn from industry experts such as industry leaders, policymakers, and professionals. Interacting with these experts provides students with a precise understanding of how the actual industry works. It equips students with a hand on trending the latest technologies and trends of industries. 

Boost Confidence

An industrial visit is a new experience for students which helps them to learn about various things and provides a chance to interact with industrial experts. All these kind of activities boost the confidence of students and is beneficial for their career.

Helps students to find out their areas of interest

Industrial visit helps students to identify the field in which they want to work. While the industrial visit, students can gain knowledge about the working of various departments of an organization and therefore, it will help students to select the department which best fit their interest.

Learn about Management

During industrial visits, students get a chance to experience and learn about the different management concepts such as lean manufacturing, just in time, etc., and the way they are applied to action. Students can learn how to manage hundreds of people at the same time along with maintaining the norms and targets of the company.

Improves the job prospects

Students can also use the opportunity of industrial visits for building networks and good relations with companies. Internships open doors for training and internship opportunities in corporate. The knowledge students gain through industrial visits helps them in cracking interviews easily.

Develops Soft skills

Industrial visits provide an opportunity to interact with industrial experts, technicians, and industry associates that groom students to develop interpersonal and communication skills and abilities to work as a team. 

A Day off from the daily schedule

Industrial visits provide students with a break from the daily melancholic theory classes. These educational trips provide students with opportunities to engage in fun learning.  Students can learn something outside the boundaries of college.

Industrial visits are the first point of interaction between students and industry. It serves as a platform for students for enhances their professional skills and holds a significant position in their professional career so students should make the best use of such trips.

Pt. DDUMC (IIMT Mall Road) is one of the premier colleges which organizes industrial visits frequently for the holistic development of its students. The college offers BBA and BCA courses with the most in-demand specializations.

The industrial visits organized at the college provide students the opportunity to learn outside the walls of the college and also provide practical exposure to their theoretical learning. There are ample benefits of industrial visits for BBA and BCA students. Let’s have a look at some of them.

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