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B.Ed Scope in India: Teaching is a noble and one of the most respected professions in India. For becoming a teacher, students will need to pursue a B.Ed. course a stepping stone to the teaching profession. 

B.Ed. or Bachelor of Education is one of the popular professional courses which can be pursued after graduation. There has always been a high demand for the B.Ed. course. This course helps in taking teaching as a profession in schools and colleges.

Although, B.Ed. is an under graduation course but to pursue it one will need to pursue a bachelor’s degree. After completing this course, graduates can easily get high-paying jobs in the field of education. For decades, the B.Ed. course has a great scope in India. B.Ed. graduates can find employment in both private as well as government sectors. 

After deciding to pursue the B.Ed. course most of the aspirants want to know about the salary and career scope in India. If you want to know about the same then you have reached the right place. This blog contains information about B.Ed. salary, job, and scope in India but first let’s have a look at the short introduction of the B.Ed. course. 

B.Ed Scope in India

Introduction to the B.Ed. Course 

B.Ed. stands for Bachelor of Education. It is an under graduation course which is based on employment as a teacher at primary, secondary, and senior secondary levels in schools and colleges. For years, the B.Ed. course has been a popular career choice among aspirants all over India. Due to its rich popularity and high demand, the B.Ed. course is offered at various private and government colleges/universities. It is mandatory to pursue a B.Ed. course for those who want to become teachers. 

NCTE- National Council for Teacher Education regulates the B.Ed. course in India. For pursuing the B.Ed. course, students will need to complete graduation from a recognized board. There is no specific upper age limit to pursue B.Ed course.

The admission process for this course varies from university to university. Generally the admissions to the B.Ed. courses are either done on a merit or entrance basis. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, students will need to qualify for the UP B.Ed JEE entrance exam for B.Ed. admission.

Some colleges/universities also conduct their own entrance exam for B.Ed. admission. This course inculcates skills and knowledge in several aspects related to teaching. It will prepare students to face the challenges that appear in the teaching profession.

Understanding the Self, Health, Yoga and Physical Education, Childhood and Growing Up, Exposure to School, and Learning and Teaching are some of the subjects included in the B.Ed. syllabus.

B.Ed. Scope in India

B.Ed Scope in India  

The B.Ed. course is designed to make students skilled in the principles of teaching and learning. There are multiple career opportunities for B.Ed. graduates in India. Let’s explore some of the exciting career opportunities for the B.Ed. graduates. 


It is one of the most sought-after career options for the B.Ed. graduates. The common role of a teacher is to teach students. Some of their roles and responsibilities include developing, planning, and implementing curriculum, preparing lesson plans, and educating students at different levels. 

Online Tutor 

These professionals are responsible for teachings students through the virtual learning process. They have to conduct lessons through internet that can facilitate students in enhancing their skills and abilities. 

Educational Counselor

After completing the B.Ed. course, the graduates can also become educational counselors. The duty of an educational counselor is to guide students dealing with academic issues and helping them in choosing a course that best fits their interests. 

Content Writer 

B.Ed. graduates can also choose content writing jobs as nowadays several websites and portals hire candidates from different professions. A content writer has to write informative and engaging article for showcasing a product or service of an organization. 


These professionals have to look after all the higher level operations in a school. They have to maintain a safe learning environment for the students and set performance goals for both teachers as well as students. 


Librarians are responsible for maintaining book records in schools or colleges, giving orders of books to publishers, processing late fee fine (if required), etc. These professionals can find employment in public libraries, museums, and schools. 

Educational Researcher

B.Ed. graduates can also opt for researcher as their profession. In this profession, they will need to conduct research for gathering information regarding specific aspects of education including students learning, teaching methodology, teacher training, and classroom dynamics. 

Salaries after B.Ed. in India 

Salaries for B.Ed. graduates in India depend upon the profession chosen by them. Below tabulated are the salaries of some popular professions after B.Ed. in India. 

B.Ed Scope in India
Job Profiles Average Salary 
Teacher  INR 3Lakhs 
Content Writer INR 2.8Lakhs 
Educational Counselor INR 6Lakhs 
Principal INR 4.5Lakhs 
Librarian INR 3Lakhs 
Consultant INR 3.6Lakhs 
Employment Areas for B.Ed. Graduates 

Jobs opportunities for the B.Ed. graduates are available in multiple areas. Below named are some of the employment areas for B.Ed. graduates. 

  • Schools
  • Coaching Centers
  • Universities 
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Consultancy 
  • Corporate
  • Research 
Higher Education after B.Ed. /B.Ed Scope in India

After completing the B.Ed. course, graduates can also opt for higher studies. There are ample courses available for the B.Ed. graduates. Below mentioned are some of the popular courses which can be pursued after B.Ed. 

M.Ed. – M.Ed. or Master of Education is a two years post-graduation course in the field of education. This course will help the B.Ed. graduates in gaining deep knowledge of all aspects of education. 

Ph.D.- Ph.D. or Doctorate of Philosophy is the highest degree in the field of education. The minimum duration of this course is three years. This course can be pursued after completing a master’s degree. 

MA– B.Ed. graduates can also pursue an MA or Master of Arts. It is a two years post-graduation course that is offered with a variety of specializations. Students can pursue this course in full-time, part-time, or online modes. 

After reading the above stated we can say that there are ample career opportunities for the B.Ed. graduates in India. The B.Ed. the course is a gateway to achieving a grooming career in the field of teaching. Hopefully, this blog has helped you to find out about the B.Ed Scope in India.

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